Acting as a mentor associated with civic engagement years later

2019 03 07

By IsraelGoldner, L. & Golan, D. (2017).
The long-term effects of youth mentoring on student mentors’ civic engagement attitudes and behavior.
Journal of Community Psychology, 00, 1-13. DOI: 10.1002/jcop.21886

We often focus on the effect on the mentee but in what ways does serving as a mentor impact the mentor? Can they see themselves as an effective change-maker in society is the question in this study. Is there any link between mentoring and levels of civic engagement five to ten years after having served as a mentor? In this research the findings show there may be a long-term effects on later civic activism. This is consistent with findings that highlight the relationship between students’ involvement in civic engagement activities and higher levels of self-competence, personal growth, leadership and interpersonal skills, a better understanding of the lives of high-risk youth and commitment to social activity after college.


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