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Network meeting in Bodö, Norway the 10th of October 2018

Nightingales Network meeting n  The Nightingales

At the Network meeting:
Malmö presented The Nightingale wheel with 10 different steps and  talked about 2 steps: Interviews and Matching.
A decision was made to continue to work with these different steps.
You can load down Malmös PPT presentation.
Interesting in knowing what more happened at that meeting? Please  load down the Minutes. 

The Annual report is now simplified and all  partners have to fill in it, every year, so Malmö can compile it.
The Annual Report is a very good tool for all partners to get an overview of how many pairs we have within the Nightingale mentoring program-concept but also how many schools and universities participate.
It is also good way to spread and show others what we all are a part of.

Here  you can also read about the feed-back partners gave the Network meeting.

Network members -3  Network members -2

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