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The Nightingale Day the 24th of February was celebrated by:

Trondheim, Norway


In cooperation with the student organization BARIS, the Nightingale of Trondheim arranged a day for the mentor kids and the mentors to be out sliding and playing in the snow. BARIS brought sausages that we barbequed and ate together. The kids seemed to enjoy the day, and so did the mentors. It was a day filled with laughter, sun and a lot of fun in the snow.

Malmö, Sweden









Who celebrated the day by having an “Opening-event” with children and mentors.  But at the same time take the opportunity to  formalize and celebrate the new status of Malmö UNIVERSITY!

Do you have done anything you want to share with partners? Please let us know!

The 8th Nightingale Conference will be the 11th-12th of October, in Bodö, Norway.

The theme is  “Belonging and Identity” and the Conference will open with Lars Magne Andreassen, Head of the  Arran Sami center. He will talk about Identity.
To mention something more at the Conference program there will be a music therapist Viggo Krüger who is connecting his music to UN child´s declaration and  children’s right. And there will be different activities for the participants.
In the end of April the program will be scheduled.

The network meeting will be held  the 10th at 4 o´clock + in the morning the 11th .

Nattergalen_Mentoring Conference 2018

Partner News

“Nattergalen”Nightingale Norway is celebrating it´s 10th anniversary. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Here an article  from Nattergalen Fredrikstad (only  in Norwegian)

Trondheim, Norway








We have an internship student, working with us in the Nightingalle this year. She has written about her experiences, please read more here ( in Norvegian)

She is also going to do her Masterthesis about Nattergalen. We are looking forward to read it when published. /Anne


The Swedish National network meeting,  in Malmö







Näktergalen Kristianstad, Halmstad and Sweden’s newest Nightingale partner, Karlstad, were invited to exchange experiences.

From now on, Sweden’s National Network Meetings will work systematically with
the Nightingale´s annual wheel. We had workshops about recruitment of students and adepts.
Carina lectured about research on student recruitment.
Some of the successful concepts that were presented:

– teambuildingactivity for the mentors before the Kick-off day

– letting children/adepts recruit students

– put flyers on the toilets at the university

– attaching quotes from mentors and adepts to the student´s confirmation-email for the interview-appointment.

After the meeting, requests from the participants were made for two networking meetings a year in the Swedish network, in stead of annually.
Go networking! /Lísa Ivarsdóttir

SOS Racismo’s Urretxindorra Project

mensaje_producto7595_1090_0  mensaje_producto7844_1101We started in October 2017 with 30 couples coming from three different villages (Donostia, Hernani and Renteria) of Gipuzkoa (Basque Country).

The project is going on successfully and mentors and mentees are learning a lot from the relationships they are setting up.
Until now mentors have received four workshops, in concrete Challenges of Mentoring; Emotional Intelligence; Gender and Sexuality; Young people and ICTs. Before the end of this school year we will propose them the last workshop about grief, in order to prepare in the best way the separation between mentors and mentees.

Interview Nightingale manger Fredrika Braw, Kristianstad, Sweden

We started up late in October with a new group. A group of 23 pairs with students from seven different kinds of education programs. Since three years, we have our kick off at the Kristianstad Regional Museum where the mentees family are all welcome to join. The museum is situated in the center of Kristianstad, and houses a very children friendly exhibition, with miniature historical houses and a lot of exciting staff to talk about with the new friend. It’s like jump starting the whole program. Also, the museum is a place that few or none of the Nightingale families have visited, and to let them know that it’s for free is really something. I think it´s a wonderful beginning and the first door to be opened to a richer life for both the mentor and the mentee.

fredrika foto mars 18

I work at the department of External Relations at Kristianstad University, and my background is in the fields of organization and leadership. Because of my former career as a HR manager, this was all in my interest and I did not have to think twice before accepting working with the Nightingale program.

The Nightingale has been available at the Kristianstad University since 2005 and was started by Carina herself.

I was the manager for almost four years.

What really inspires me is all the good that’s in the program, the happiness and joy to share some time together with someone you do not know. And what unexpected things that occur when you meet someone, maybe from a different side of town or even from a different culture that you thought you knew all about, AND YOU DID NOT.  I have seen a lot of prejudice blown away. That`s what I have learned and that’s what´s inspiring me to go on doing this.

My vision is that the knowledge of The Nightingale program would become a natural part of every student’s life. Like a personal development thing to do and that we can contribute on much broader basis in Kristianstad, not only for the kids at age 9-11 maybe be able to get involved with older people and maybe newly arrived family’s.

I think that the prime benefit is that we open doors for children, we give them self-esteem and knowledge of that the higher education and school belongs to everyone. We also give the mentor a sense of worth and training in responsibility, leadership and cultural challenges. Challenges that come along when you don`t speak a natural or common language and how innovative you get then!

Every year we have great challenges to recruit mentors. One of our obstacles is that a high rate of the students commute to the university. And we have trouble to engage students out of their educational programs. This year we managed to start a group of 23 pairs with students from seven different kinds of education programs.

If you cooperate with the Nightingale mentoring program you know that the time invested in the child costs you nothing but the difference you make is priceless.

Time to pay the Network fee.
You will soon receive an Invoice for a new network membership from 1 of April 2018- 30 of  March 2019.

Wish you all a Happy Easter!


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