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Mentoring for first generation Immigrant Refugee Youth

About 50 people attended a peaceful vigil in solidarity with refugees held outside the immigration detention centre on Camp Road, Broadmeadows in Melbourne's northern suburbs. The protest was called by the Refugee Action Collective of Victoria with less than 2 days notice as two refugees inside are on hunger strike. One Iranian man, aged 33 has been on a hunger strike for 9 days after his second rejection. He has been detained for 16 months. A second Iranian man 32, was given refugee status five months ago and is awaiting security clearance. Both men have not received proper medical assistance. There was a substantial police presence in front of the main gate, and in the surrounding area including the dog squad. The protest was peaceful with speakers, music and chants of "Freedom", "Azadi". Hundreds of helium filled balloons raised a banner above the crowd and flew across the gate, before first catching on a fence, and then the balloons getting snagged in a tree. Candles were lit spelling out "SOS". One of the Iranian inmates telephoned out and thanked the crowd for their support - knowing we were outside gives encouragement and energy to the refugees detained inside. 2012 marks the 20th anniversary since the introduction of mandatory detention in Australia.

By Ashmeet K. Oberoi, University of Miami, Dec. 2016

This review examines research on mentoring for first-generation immigrant and refugee youth and is organized around four aspects of mentoring for these youth—its documented effectiveness, factors conditioning effectiveness, intervening processes for linking mentoring to outcomes, and the extent of reach and engagement and the quality of implementation of mentoring programs.

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