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November and December Newsletter

Dear Nightingale friends,

I hope all of you are fine and I hope  your Nightingale year has begun as good as usual.
This newsletter will be a little longer but is loaded with lots of interesting things! So please read it carefully.
For example we will, from now on, have an interview of one of our partners aiming to get to know each other a little better, but also learn from each other. This time it will be a presentation of Natalia Tajadura Arizaleta from Pamplona. But as usual there will be some news from partners too and some other interesting things.


Tjurrusning 2   logo-proyecto-ruisenor-nou-univ-navarra-bo

The 26th of October Pamplona arranged a Conference:
MENTORIA SOCIAL- Una propuesta para la inclusión, cohesión y participación social. 

PhD, Lucia Martinez Virto, from the Navarra University had an interesting lecture about inclusion and exclusion and Carina was also invited and delivered a lecture: How Universities can contribute to a more equal and sustainable society 

Partner presentation and interview with Natalia 

Natalia 5

How and when did you start your Nightingale mentoring program?

I work in the Social Action Unit of Public University of Navarra since 2005 and my colleagues and me run different programs like health promotion, gender equality and social orientation….

Since 2009 I was asked to start with interculturality issues. Then I started to study a new project for the University and found social mentoring as a possible one. I had the opportunity to visit Malmö and was lucky to met Carina. She told me everything about Nightingale and when I was back to my University I set up Nightingale here in Pamplona with Oscar and Jordi’s help. These two professors from University of Girona give a very good orientation. Carina, Oscar and Jordi were my mentors in that time!

What inspired you to become involved in this field?

Pamplona is a little town where different identities live together but they don’t get mixed in many cases. I feel that university students should know how the society is and learn about solidarity, interculturality….., if they want to be good economist, teachers, engineering, nurses… . Also the University mission it is to contribute to social improve so we must do something from this institution.
To meet the “ others” and to practice all the social values mentoring could be a good formula.

Any key aspects why you have succeed and continue with the program?

I feel that mentoring gives the people the opportunity to meet together and this contribute to disappear the differences and to “build bridges” in common. I think University must be an institution to promote all these things. Every year when Nightingale finishes I look to the whole group of participants I look at the children and mentor’s faces, the families….they seem to be so happy, they feel lucky to take part on it…..and I think, “it’s worth to continue… .”
Every year when nightingale finishes I look to the whole group of participants I look the children and mentor’s faces, the families….they seem to be so happy, they feel lucky to take part on it…..and I think, “it’s worth to continue… .”

What did you learn from the mentors/mentees about their involvement?

At the beginning when somebody explain them what the Nightingale is they don’t figure out so well what this project works…… they need to have the experience that’s why it’s so important to know other mentors to get some information “face to face”.

Although Nightingale is planned project gives the opportunity to mentors and mentees to contribute to express their selves, their creativity, ideas, activities….every year a big team of different people take part to develop the mentoring idea and all of us make it possible. We need “every pieces of this team” to practice mentoring.

Mentors the more involvement in the project the more fun and knowledge. Most of them “grow up” during the mentoring year and “get competence for living”. Also they feel nice because they have the opportunity to contribute in a social way and they feel part of a big family although most of the times they do their mentoring in pairs. This makes them to be happy.

Mentees get more involvement in the project if from the school they get support and if their families believe in nightingale.
Somebody cares of them and when they feel a mentor as a confidence figure they open their hearts.

What did they learn?

In general they get emotional and social skills and which is more important self-estem. Nightingale gives them more confidence and welfare and this is so important to face their lifes.

Mentors especially learn that they could be contribute in the society and this is so important and also to be a mentor give them an opportunity to develop in a personal way.

What is the prime benefit and problems of the program? Any visions?

Not this year, maybe in the future….who knows.

What is the prime benefit of cooperating in the Nightingale Network?

Network gives “ strength” to our projects and a local Nightingale turns into a common project. Also the network helps me to think about mentoring and to improve the work that I do.



I, Carina have been in Ghana the 3rd of November to the 12th of November, 2017  after having a long contact with David, a  headmaster in Accra who has showed a big interest in the Nightingale program. We discussed the possibility for me to go there and have lectures and workshop and help them to start a Nightingale program.
I then got funds from Malmö University and I could deliver lecture at Ashesi University and Winneba University. But also visit local schools in Ghana.
We have discussed how to implement the Nightingale program in the Ghana context and I am very hopeful that Nightingale Ghana will start in October 2018 as a cooperation between Ashesi University and one local school “Amasaman school”.

Some photos: at Amasaman school and at Ashesi University

Jag berättar för barnen... copy      David, jag och George 5

 David, the Nightingale coordinator

After I returned back too Sweden David wrote: 
” …..In fact, your coming to Ghana had been a blessing in my attempt to bring Nightingale mentoring to Ghana.
I thank you for all the materials you gave me, the encouragement and other people in the different organizations we visited to solicit for funds. I know had it not been for you they  would not have agreed to our proposal for fund.
Thank you for helping me to be part of the Nightingale family.
Extend my greetings to the rest of the family members.


A wish from our Catalan partners in Girona, Jordi and Oscar:
Please support us!

JordiFeu550    Pm6O08d6

Read more what they have to say, on our page “Network and partner News
or Click here 


News from Barcelona:
Those days we are working hard to start our project with 61 mentoring pairs in 14 school, we have celebrated 2 initial party yesterday and tuesday, and we have the last party in Barcelona today, and the next week, the party in Sant Adrà del Besós, a city next to Barcelona where we gonna do the project for the first time.




Some weeks ago we  got great news at Malmö University. We have receive money/funds from Malmö University to look for a PHD-researcher who can make a bigger application, looking for a PhD candidate who can make a dissertation about Nightingale. Could be an opening for all of us!

Master thesis  by Verena Kofler

This study investigated the question of how short- and long-term outcomes can be measured by an impact assessment on the mentoring program ‘Nightingale’, focusing on two of its main objectives: the increase of the educational motivation and the strengthening of self-esteem.
The work presents the possibilities and limitations regarding planning and hypothetical implementation of a long-term impact analysis in the field of social economy.
You can read more about it on our page “Research and development”  Read more here
Any questions please mail to:

Another interesting research about: Mentoring for first generation Immigrant and Refugee Youth

Were one of the result of this research is:
Both formal and informal mentoring may be beneficial for facilitating acculturation and social integration to the new country and promoting academic and school engagement.

Please always look  at page “Research and development” where you can find more research


Next Nightingale Conference will probably be held in Bodö, Norway preliminary date is the 10,11 and 12 th of October.
We are already looking forward to this!


I hope you will all get a Nice Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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