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September Newsletter

Dear Nightingale friends,

hope you have had a nice summer and are back with lot of new energy!
We all agreed we had a very good network meeting with fruitful discussions at our network meeting in Barcelona and also a very interesting well-prepared Conference.

…however it was so very sad to hear about the terror-attac, very short after we come home from Barcelona.It is with empathy and grief we feel for those who were affected.


New semester and a new Nightingale year
Hope you will have a successful recruitment and get a lots of new good mentors to match all  our applying children with!
Wish for the best. Let´s get at least 1000 pairs together!

New semester also means new board members. We would like to welcome our Norwegian partner from Bodö, Marit Tveraabak  as our new member. She will also be the host for our 8th Nightingale Conference.
We will of course also take the opportunity to thank our partners from Island being the board member for two years.


We also want to say a BIG  thank you to Margrit Burri, member in the Network since 2006  and one of our partners working at the school with Nightingale. We have been so happy having you with us – as a voice from the school. Wish you the best for your pension!

Sabrina Rüfenacht
We would like to welcome Sabrina Rüfenacht, our new  member from the participating school in Zug, Switzerland. She is writing:

“My name is Sabrina Rüfenacht, I am 28 years old and I take over the position of Margrit Burri as coordinator at the school of Guthirt in Zug (Switzerland). I work there as a primary school teacher. At 14.09.2017 we already started with the first coaching at the university. I am very happy to be part of this wonderful project and I am looking forwards to meeting you all.”



Pamplona will hold a Conference the 26th of October- La mentora Social – Una propuesta para la inclusión, cohesión y participación social, at University of Navarra (Universidad Pública de Navarra)
We will load up the program as soon as it has been finished.



Pamplona has made two very  nice short-films about the Nightingale program: 
one of the films is with mentors and another with staff telling about the importance for a society to run a Nightingale program. One of the films you can see on the webpage
Unfortunately the other one unfortunately I had problems with to upload but we will try again or to find a new way to be able to do so.


New partners

We also would like to say a warm welcome to a new partner in the network Àngels Oliveras who we met in the Barcelona Conference. She is  working as a citizen integration coordinator at the Town Council of Caldes de Montbui, of about 17.000 inhabitants, some 30 km away from Barcelona.

She is writing that ever since 2000 a significant amount of people from different countries have been arriving to Caldes de Montbui in search of a better future. These are immigrant workers mainly coming from Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Morocco and Romania. After a few years they bring their families through family reunification measures. In order to accompany the integration process of their children and thus reduce isolation and the risk of possible social exclusion, the Town Council of Caldes de Montbui decided to start a Mentoring Program for such children,..
She will make a project presentation in our next coming Newsletter.



As you probably know Malmö University will have a University status 2018, which also means more money to research.  We are happy to inform you that our Nightingale/Näktergalen, Malmö  have got research money to make a research-application. We will let you know more as soon as we know more. It might be  be an interesting opportunity /possibility to make an even  bigger research together. Cross your fingers!


A research from december 2016:

“Mentoring for first-generation immigrant and refugee youth”, by Ashmeet K.Oberoi, University of Miami. Would maybe be interesting for those who have involved refugees?

This review examines research on mentoring for first-generation immigrant and refugee youth and is organized around four aspects of mentoring for these youth—its documented effectiveness, factors conditioning effectiveness, intervening processes for linking mentoring to outcomes, and the extent of reach and engagement and the quality of implementation of mentoring programs. The research reviewed, although limited in scope, provides the basis for some preliminary conclusions about mentoring as provided to this population of youth.

read more about it by clicking here: ImmigrantRefugeeYouth_Population_Review



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