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April Newsletter

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Dear Nightingale friends,

it is approaching to our Network Meeting in the Barcelona the 14th of June at 4 o´clock and our 7th International Nightingale Conference “Opportunities in mentoring: educating 360” the 15th – 16th of June. We are very much looking forward meeting you all again!
Notice there are some changes the 16th, where we will have experience and knowledge in developing mentoring programs (all information about this you will find on the blog).

One advice to all of you: if you haven´t spread it please do so. It will be a better Conference and we will have more possibility to spread our program.

News from partners
Evidence based mentoring in Europe 

The European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring, (The Nightingale in Malmö and our international network is now also member of this network) have had a “Mentoring Meet and Match”  in Brussel on 11-12th of April were Carina participated. This event was aiming the opportunity to show the effect of mentoring for future’s youth in Europe, and at the same time to discuss critical issues facing Europe’s young people.

One reflection and nice thing is that our Nightingale program now is very well-known. A lot of participant have already heard about us.. We have been successful in spreading, thanks to you all, but not only this,  it is know as a well-function program. Not only by different organizations but also in a broder view, different EU context. One good example was when one EU commissioner showed the platform School education gateway…there on first page it was written about our program: The Nightingale mentoring program.I (Carina)was surprised because I didn´t know the platform existed nor did I know what was written there.

IMG_2455Another aim for this conferences
was to connect to representatives of EU decision and policy making and talk about the current focus in terms of European challenges and Europe2020 strategy. I, Carina took the possibility to write to all Swedish delegates in EU and got one invitation where she had the possibility to talk about the Nightingale program. He was very positive and at least now it is known and can be spread further.


Evidence based Mentoring in USA:
Oscar our Rossinyol partner from Girona, Spain in USA

Oscar is in USA meeting Jean Rhodes who is a youth Mentoring Ressearcher and also the director of the  Center for Evidence based Mentoring at U Mass Boston 
Oscar is writing a paper comparing youth mentoring in US and in Europe with Jean and Justin (who is a graduate student in the center).
We are of course very much looking forward to hear more about this and send many good luck greetings to him from us.
Here you can read more about Jean Rhodes who have written a lot of books about mentoring.

Nightingale Uganda

You have already got a nice Newsletter from Andrew about the Nightingale program in Uganda and the progress. Since there are a lot of information and nice photos etc. you can also download it here
We all know the Uganda partners have limited resources but are happy to see what they have succeeded. We wish them the best and good luck!


Summer greetings 

Carina och LivThank you for your believes, your passion and your deep devotion to mentoring – mentoring is our opportunities to create a better world – our way to stand up for the open society and our democratic values.
Mentoring is the best concrete example of integration – let people who otherwise would not met meet and learn, get knowledge and develop. It is  also the best opportunity for our society to build bridges instead of fences and walls.
I am so grateful for all the opportunities I have been given by meeting you all and cooperate with you.
Thank you!

I wish you a very nice summer!


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