April Newsletter

2017 04 03

Dear Nightingale friends,

it is getting closer to our Conference in Barcelona. We hope you have spread it in your own network so lot of participants will come.
We are very much looking forward seeing you all in Barcelona but also meet and have fruitful discussion on our Network Meeting the 14th.

The Network meeting and the Conference in Barcelona

For our network meeting we have been invited to the Barcelona work place in Sant Antoni Abat, Ronda Sant Pau, 76 Wednesday the 14th at 4 o´clock. After the meeting we will have e a guided tour s but also a dinner in the evenig which will be included in the Conference fee.
The Conference will be at UPC Escola dÉnginyeria de Barcelona Est. You will find all information on the blog, Click on the right side, folder “2017 Barcelona Confrerence”.

News from partners:Iceland

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The Child Welfare fund has operated the Mentor programme in Iceland since 2001.
In autumn of 2016 the Child welfare fund ceased operating the programme and the Social Work Department at the University of Iceland took over the running of the programme.

Five students at the University participated in the programme in the school year 2016 – 17. In addition to the university, two upper secondary colleges in Reykjavik also offer the programme; Kvennaskóli, which has eleven mentor pairs, and Menntaskólinn with Hamrahlið which has seven mentor pairs.
Thus, a total of twenty-three children took part in the programme in the 2016 – 17 school year from four grammar schools in Reykjavík. The students were aged between 7 – 10 years old.

The programme operates in such a way that the pairs meet once a week for three hours at a time, from the beginning of October until the end of April.

The supervisors of the programme have cooperated well over the winter and have collaborated on many aspects related to the programme, i.e., securing free entry into the Reykjavík swimming pool and local museums, which has been an asset for the mentor pairs.

All the mentors and children in the programme were invited to attend two of the most prominent theatres in the city, the National Theatre and the City Theatre, which was greatly appreciated.

The programme has gone very well over the last school year and the mentors and the children have done many enjoyable things together including a presentation of the work done by the rescue squad, taking part in orientation games in Reykjavik and horse riding.

The coordinators of the programme from the three school levels in Iceland plan to attend the conference in Barcelona. Sigrún, Björk and Harpa.

News from partners:  Ruiseñor/Urretxindorra Program       

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On March the 15th, the 22th and 30th, we realized guided tours in the Real Sociedad Museum and Stadium. The Foundation of our town’s soccer team, Real Sociedad, is one of the nine collaborators of the mentoring project Ruiseñor/Urretxindorra and one of the activities they propose us is group guided tours to, on one side, the team’s history museum and, on the other side, to the football pitch and in the team’s facilities (dressing rooms, press room, ecc).

We realized three different guided tours, sharing the 28 mentoring couples in smaller groups, in order to promote more participation of mentors and mentees y make viable the tour.
People participating had been really satisfied with the activity realized.

Research article:

Motivation by Positive or Negative Role Models: Regulatory Focus Determines Who Will Best Inspire Us By Penelope Lockwood, University of Toronto and Christian H. Jordan and Ziva Kunda, University of Waterloo

These researcher demonstrated that individuals are motivated by role models who encourage their own/different concerns.Promotion-focused individuals, who favor a strategy of pursuing desirable outcomes and where participants’ academic motivation was increased by goal matching role models but decreased by goal congruent role models.
Read more here 

Interview with the researcher Oscar from Girona:
Please read more here 

Next newsletter will include news from the Nightingale in Uganda.


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