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December Newsletter – Nattergalen Telemark, Norway

Dear Nightingale friends,

What a year for Nightingale Malmö!


Malmö Municipality award
Malmö University award
The Royal Society Pro Patria Medal

Even though this might be a little self-centered I want to start with some happy news from Malmö. Tuesday the 20th of December we received the municipality award at a ceremoni in Malmö town hall.
This year we really have had a big luck and been successful. It started in May when I got the Royal Society “Pro Patrias” gold medal in Stockholm for civic virtues. Then in October we got the Malmö University award for our cooperation internal and external and  now we received the Malmö Municipality award. And never forget every time I have mentioned the Nightingale Network as a strong part of the program!

News from partners:

Dear Nightingale friends!

The Nightingale year in Porsgrunn, Telemark is well underway. Eleven new mentor – mentee couples have already spent some weeks together.
This year we are happy to have recruited children from a new school nearby our campus. We had a successful meeting together with parents, mentors, mentees, the school principal and six interpreters – and it all worked out very well!
We look forward to this new partnership. Our previous experience with the other school we have worked with for several years gives us a lot of energy!
On November 30th, we had our first joint activity with all eleven couples. Now we are looking forward to December 13th, when we will attend a big performance of the children dancing. One of our mentors is herself a dancer and she has invited us all to a free attendance.

We look forward to continue working on this meaningful project for yet another year.
Christmas is very close and we wish you all nice holidays and a happy new year!

We hope to see you all in Barcelona in June!

Best regards
Greta and Trine

Interesting reading from our partners in Norway (sorry it is only in Norwegian)

Torunns chapter in a book Socionomutdanning på Sörlandet : “Hva singer Nattergalen om?”
Nita och Heges article: kompetansutvikling gjennom mentorskap


Greetings from Halmstad- Sweden

….from a christmas party 


Greetings from San Sebastian- Spain 

img_0707  img_0687
We are glad to inform you that we have started this year of mentoring with 28 couples (last year 14). We realized two different starting meetings because in a village called Hernani we are working in two schools with 9 couples and a group of volunteering people working in the project.

We send you some pictures and the video of one of the two meetings. The video has been recorded by one of the organizations supporting us (not economically) that is the Real Sociedad, our footbol soccer.


All the best,


Thank you all for your very best cooperation and excellent work! 

Thank you all for your passion making the world a little better….and remember: in our network more than 1000 mentors go to a child´s house, every week, fetch the child and make some activities together, for a mutual benefit. Meetings where a mutual learning take place, where knowledge about each other can develop and where they get access to each others world. When these bonds are created stereotypes often disappear. This is what the society needs – a concrete way to fight against xenophobia and to let people who otherwise would not met now meet. Build good relations and trust, build bridges not walls – so let us continue this work. Together we can be strong!

Now I would like to wish you a relaxing Christmas week-end and a Happy New Year!

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.
Albert Einstein.

Warmest regards,


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