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October Newsletter

Dear Nightingale friends,


we are so happy to announce you that Nightingale Malmö got the Malmö University award for our internal and external cooperation. If you understand Swedish you can read the text on the diploma! …if not we think you might see the text about Malmö Nightingale role model for 24 different Nightingales in Europe and Africa and that all are included in the Nightingale network!

The Nightingale 7th Conference will be held in Barcelona

We are also happy to inform you that the network meeting will be Wednesday 14th of June ant the Conference will this time be two days: the 15th and the 16th of June.

Partners news: 
The Nightingale in Kristianstad

In Kristianstad, in the southern of Sweden, September is more warm this year. At the moment, we are doing our best to recruit new mentors, by running between the buildings at campus to inspire the students to become one of us at the Nightingale.
And we have had such a great use of the new Nightingale film from Austria, thank you! We are hoping to get hold of 25 mentors at the mid October. So we are looking forward to get started.


Last year kickoff at the Regional Museum in Kristianstad and Center of Contemporary Art.

The Nightingale year in Kristianstad starts the 12th November with a kickoff at the Regional Museum and Center of Contemporary Art. At this kickoff, the mentees and mentors are getting to know each other, by doing a quiz together that leads them around the exhibition at the museum. Throughout the exhibition there is a special children’s trail. The footprints left by skeleton Thue pass about 20 stories told from a child’s point of view, illustrated as cartoons.
At the end they will be visiting the so called Café Miró for having cinnamon bun and soft drinks. Most of the children and parents have never ever been to the museum and are not aware thats it´s for free. And the prices this day at the café are reduced just for us.
Everyone is welcoming us warmly, both the teachers at the university and the people around our municipality saying – Hey! You are doing such great job! But it’s a great challenge to get the students to join in even if they gain a lot.
Wish you all a fantastic Nightingale year! Fredrika, Sara and Cecilia


An Ecological Perspective Of Mentor Satisfaction With Their Youth Mentoring Relationsships
By Todd, & Sanchez 2016
These researchers found that mentors who were more culturally competent, had more positive relationships with their mentee’s family, and were more satisfied with their mentoring program organization tended to also be more satisfied with their mentoring relationship with mentee.
What is interesting is what predicting satisfaction for the mentors and can be vital of how we recruit and retain mentors.   Read more about it on our Research & Development page.

Next Newsletter

The idea about the Newsletter that was presented in Iceland was that partners should write our monthly Newsletter and send it to Carina. There they could add questions, come up with ideas, spread interesting research  and not only write about your own Nightingale program. 
Next partners for November is Nightingale Zug, Switzerland
December: Nightingale Telemark, Norway



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