June Newsletter 2016

2016 06 08


Dear Nightingale friends,

It is getting closer to the summer holiday and end of this semester. Hope everyone had a nice Farewell-party with your tandems of mentors-mentees. (Except Switzerland who will continue with their mentor program over the summer)

We are ofcourse so sorry that seems to be the last time for Växjö, Sweden but we still cross our fingers that the municipality of Växjö will change their minds. And hopefully the letter we sent them can make them consider their decission. If something will change we will ofcourse let you know. But until then we would like to thank Håkan and his team for their work and good cooperation in the Nightingale netork, also as a board member. We wish you all a nice summer!


News from partners:

Nightingale Linz is a mentoring project of the University of Education in Upper Austria

Students spend their leisure time together with the mentee once a week for two to three hours. Possible activities are cooking or playing games, visiting different museums and sights, going to the cinema or zoos, just going for a walk, getting to know interesting people, borrowing books from libraries, learning German in a tandem- setting.

Students have an effect on the mentees as implicit educators, they open them a world that mentees would have never seen. So they give them confidence in the present and in the future.

The project starts with the start day in October, when mentors, mentees and their parents meet first.

Typical of the Austrian Nightingale Project is a

  • seminar with the title “Talking with Kids”
  • number of reflections by the mentors regarding critical incidents „…critical incidents are not „things“ which exist independently of an observer and are awaiting discovery like gold nuggets or desert islands, but like all data, critical incidents are created. Incidents happen, but critical incidents are produced by the way we look at a situation: a critical incident is an interpretation of the significance of an event. To take something as a critical incident is a value judgement we make, and the basis of that judgement is the significance we attach to the meaning in the incident“(Tripp, 2012, p. 8).
  • boat trip on the Danube at the end of the project (see the photos)

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News from Norway:

Nattergalen Bodös Marit Tveraabak has written an interesting article now published in a book: “Sett, hört og förstått “( “Seen, heard and understood” )Unfortunately it is only in Norwegian). Click here to read more.

Another news:

The 19th of May Carina got The Royal Society Pro Patrias gold medal for “civic virtues” and merits with the Nightingale mentoring program. Once a year the society distribute a golden medal to “honorable persons” for her/his work.
So thank you all Nightingaels – one part of the medal!
This year they also celebrated their 250 year!
Read more: http://propatria.se

IMG_45332016-05-19 17.08.24
2016-05-19 14.16.15

The queen of Sweden- Silvia!

Now all of you thank you for working hard with the Nightingale also this semester, as usual!
But before your go on holiday do not forget to send us the Annual Report

Don´t worry, you will hear more from us, next Newsletter will be our in August – Nightingale 20th year in Malmö!

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Have a nice summer!


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