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Newsletter May 2016

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Dear Nightingale friends,

first of all thank you for your participation and engagement in the network meeting and at the Conference. Especially big thank to the Iceland team who arranged everything. I am so happy that so many parters could come.

Björk has now uploaded a film from the Conference, so you can revisit the conference or see it for the first time if you missed it! There you can also find powerpoint presentations and some nice photos from our network meeting and the guided tour. You will find everything on the Conference blog.

The Minutes from the network meeting is now also uploaded where all documents from our network meeting are available.

You will also find photos (on the Network meeting page) from our network meeting, guided tour and from network dinner etc. Thank you Hans Björstad for all photos!

The wonderful film from Austria is also uploaded at the Network page. In Malmö we have also uploaded it on our homepage and Facebook account.

Next Conference 

We are very happy to announce that next Conference will be held in Barcelona!
The Barcelona team want to arrange it in first or second week in June. More details will of course come later.

But we are so sad to announce once again that Växjö will finish.

The Malmö team have however decided to write  a  document to Håkan to support him and his team, which he can  forward to local politicians. We also hope all partners in the Network can be signed this document.
The document ( in Swedish)

News from partners

Nightingale San Sebastian, Spain
Nightingale Donostia- San Sebastián has taken part in different activities from the cultural life in Donostia-San Sebastián. The group had the chance to discover what lies behind the visible ocean life at the Aquarium of Donostia, finding out what is going on where the regular visitor cannot tread: how the animals are fed, some creatures yet to be exhibited, etc. It was amazing!
Furthermore, a guided tour of San Sebastian’s Anoeta Stadium, home to the local football club, was offered to the participants, and they enjoyed it so much!

newsletter may 2

Network Meeting Decisions

As decided at our network meeting the following partners will now write the newsletters:

May Nightingale Malmö, Sweden
June Nightingale Linz, Austria
August Nightingale Stavanger, Norway
September Nightingale Tarragona ( Proyecto Ruiseñor), Spain
October Nightingale Kristianstad, Sweden
November Nightingale Zug, Switzerland
December Nightingale Telemark, Norway

January Nightingale Vienna, Graz and Salzburg, Austria
February Nightingale Girona, Spain
March Vianatta Iceland
April Nightingale Uganda

Also as decided in the network meeting partners will work together in different groups with:
Ideas worth spreading – the best idea this year

This is also in line of the networks aim
to have experience exchanges
Be a forum for deeper discussions
in cooperation possibilities within the network
see The Purpose of the Nightingale Network

These are the themes:
1. Recruitment of students and children
2. Mentor Training
3. Supervision
4. Ideas for research
5. Ideas for the Nightingale Day the 24th of February
6. Interaction with Social media
7. Developing the cooperation with schools/our cooperation partners
8. Cooperation with the community
9. Fundraising
10. Other ideas

Please let me know who the network leader in each group. Mail to

As mentioned many times before: PLEASE fill in the Annual Report so we can compile and use the document to show others what we are creating together.

Looking forward to June newsletter, where we will get news from Nightingale Linz, Austria.

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