Newsletter December 2014

2014 12 15

Dear Nightingale friends,


The new board, with Halldóra as new board member, has had its first Skype meeting and decided that over the next year we will; try to promote the Nightingale together with the network. That´s why we would appreciate it if each city/member could come up with some good ideas how to do this. We also decided to try once again with the 24th of February as our Nightingale Day when we all can promote Nightingale in our own cities (university, local schools, etc.)
You will as usual find the minutes on the website “Boardmeeting”.

The Next Conference Will Take Place in Iceland on March 2016

We are happy to inform you that Iceland is willing to host our 6th Nightingale Conference. We have decided to postpone the date, since spring may have better weather and is not as hectic a time as October. The date is however not yet decided.

Resumé of the Nightingale Conference held in Malmö 24th of October

Thank you for participating in the conference and your always positive attitude. On the webpage “2014 Malmö Conference” you will find the compilation of the answers we made on the Posit-It paper.
Also the photos and videos made by our webmaster Ed Lever are uploaded on webpage.
On “Network meetings” you will as well also find uploaded photos from our network meeting the 23th of October, as well the economic part explained on the network meeting. (“Network document & information”)
You will also find photos and links to the videos/films on the blog here.
Ed, our webmaster has also created a you tube playlist called “Nightingale worldwide” and put all videos here.
There you will or example find the film from “Nightingale Vienna” and “Pädagogische Hochschule”, Zug, Switzerland and a film from Växjö.
Malmö’s can be found films here and here.
If you want us to upload your film, please let us know.

Pair of the month
– Iceland.

Palli och Ernir

This is a story from Palli that is a mentor for Ernir. Palli is a student with the University of Iceland in Psychology

The child: Ernir: “What I like most about the Mentor-program is going ice-skating together and playing Minecraft on Playstation 3. I’m always really excited come friday when it’s Mentorday and usually call Palli straight after school. We get three hours together once a week and we always find something fun to do, usually I have an idea and Palli agrees. Fridays are my luxury days because then school is out and it’s also the Mentorday.”

The mentor: Palli: “The Mentor-program is really fun. I usually feel good about doing stuff with Ernir, whatever that may be. If he wishes to just chill and play computer games that’s fine by me. If he wants to go ice-skating or play football that’s a nice change of scenery for me since I’m a student and am usually stuck inside with my nose in a book. The Mentor-program is the only way to get school credit at the same time as real life experience. I’m studying psychology and this program gives me insight into the development of children as well as being a way for me to practice behavior analysis skills. Writing diaries about our days together is also a practice in writing and reflecting on my own behavior. The program is fun, giving and the most fun to get university credit there is.”

Who would you like to be the first pair 2015?

We wish yo all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Best wishes to all of you Nightingales.

The board


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