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Compilation of the Nightingale Conference 2014-10-24

We received 30 answers made on the small Post-it papers

25 answered only with +

Some wrote:
+ Excellent, well organized, interesting and fun
++Interesting and relevant
++ Inspiring and new ideas to improve
++ I loved the terms emigrations…   and the whole discussions
+ Inspiring
+++ Very good lectures, the workshops super good, interesting especially their own experiences
+ good arrangement
++ Mats Trondman
+ Mats always interesting
Big thanks for a great work!

– The morning could have a better focus on mentoring
More interaction
More practical
Shorter time for lectures
More information about recruitment and training of mentors and research in the area
+ good lectures, good food and “fika” – not so many countries represented.

Some wrote especially about the workshops
+ for the workshops
+ interesting workshops
16+ for workshop A and B

Better lectures

/Carina 2014-11-13

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