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Hello Nightingale friends, we proudly present “the two pairs of the month”

– Linus and Alexandru plus Ednora and Emma, from Växjö, Sweden!

We have been at a hockey game, Växjö Lakers vs Brynäs, Lakers won by 7-2J. Other things we have done are: bowled, which was funny, but unfortunately Linus (the mentor) won the game, dived from the trampoline at Medley, Växjö public bath, played drums at the Linnaeus University,  a taco evening with some of our Nightingale friends and played some games, such as charades etc.

Linus and Alexandru (“The Kings”)

Linus & Alexandru (“The Kings”)

Everything is fun when you as a child have an adult friend, but it’s even more fun when an adult can be a child again and that thanks to Näktergalen 🙂
Ednora and Emma

Ednora and Emma

Ednora & Emma

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