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Newsletter January 2014

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Dear Nightingale friends,
we are happy to begin our fifth year of cooperation together.

The new board

The board has had its first Skype meeting (if you are interested in what was discussed, see the Minutes available on the website).

The board 2014 consists of Håkan and Alexander from Växjö in Sweden(their first year in the board), Nita and Hege from Östföld in Norway (second year) and Carina from Malmö (permanent).

The board has decided that this year they will to try and make the network and Nightingale’s concept and legacy more visible to a broader audience and to discuss different ways to do this, with help from you! As a start we will let partners, mentors and children every month have one presentation “The pair of the month”. This month we will start with Växjö. If interested, please send the photo and text to Carina.

Another suggestion is the:

The Nightingale International Day of the 24th of February
we suggest (to make us more visible) once again to try and make the 24th of February as our “Nightingale International Day”. It would be nice if you could make your projects more visible this particular day. If you take any photos from this day then please send them to Carina so that I can upload them onto the website to show the different things happening all over Europe within the Nightingale network.

We suggest that you (on flyers, webpages, folder, poster exhibitions etc.) use the sentence: I am supporting the Nightingale mentoring Program. Please read more about it:

Suggestion from partners
Natalia in Navarra has suggested that we open a chat for students within the Nightingale network. If you have any idea about this or can help her do this, please contact her.


News from partners
The nightingale in Girona (Rossinyol UdG) started this season with 100 pairs and we got more than 300 applications to be mentors from our university students. Our coordination team is very satisfied with those numbers and the support we have from our University and from the Social Council, the institution that pays for the money pocket of our mentors. 

We started the project in eleven towns surrounding Girona including Girona city. This organization is more complex than having just one location and school but we have very good networks of support in each city council that makes the project to run successfully. In April, it is foreseen to have a big Nightingale party in our university. As we did last year, we pretend to gather all the pairs in our Old Town campus and have several training and research activities to open the university to the mentees aiming at highering their educational aspirations and expectations. 

Finally we want to highlight that we conducted last year an impact evaluation study of Nightingale together with Rossinyol-BCN (Fundació Servei Solidari). The study consists on two groups of students (a control group that participated in the Nightingale and a control group of similar students of foreign background that did not participate). We conducted to rounds, one at the beginning and another at the end and saw the differences between groups. Thus, the good news is that it has impact! We do hope to have an English version of the results soon for you if this helps to ask for funding or to start similar research projects in your national or regional contexts.


Regards from Girona,  Jordi, Òscar and Jèssica

girona inaugural party

Inaugural party in Girona city where 20 from the 100 mentors started to participate last November



EU funds have made it possible to allow students from Malmö University and refugee youths (from 18 years) meet, with the aim to include young people into the society, let them do something nice at their spare time and at the same time practise their Swedish. But as we all know mentoring has double benefits; students also get the opportunity to broaden their own views, share their knowledge and learn from these experiences.

This is a two year project named FORMULA (Facilitate Opportunities using Role Models to Underpin Learning for Adults who are socially excluded) with partners from Scotland, Rumania, Czech Republic and Spain.

We are happy to announce the start of a new Nightingale in Sweden at the University of Halmstad working with refugees and students. Hopefully we can tell more about this later.

At the same time we are very sad to tell you that Barcelona has decided to withdraw from the network. They had hoped that the network would have helped them find external funding in the EU, and that the cooperation would offer them more possibilities besides the support given via the website, network meetings and annual conferences.


In the last newsletter we wrote about some research articles in the mentoring area. If you have any suggestions or have read something interesting we would be glad to upload it on the website. It will be put under the categories “Research and development” on the webpage.

This month we will announce an interesting and new survey that examines the effect of mentoring on youths, their aspirations and achievements.  The report was commissioned by The National Mentoring Partnership in USA with the title: The Mentoring Effect: Young People’s Perspectives on the Outcomes and Availability of Mentoring. This study shows significant positive outcomes for those who have had a mentor; they were for instance more likely to aspire to attend and enroll at university, and more likely to report participation in sports and other extracurricular activities in their communities.


The fifth Conference the 24th of October
The Nightingale international fifth annual Conference will be held on the 24th of October in Malmö. The theme will be Mentoring – for social sustainability” and the purpose of the conference is to discuss The European Commission’s report “The Social Investment Package” which is about social investment and the fight against poverty and social exclusion. They also write about the promotion of such social investment, as well as how to prevent the exclusion of vulnerable groups and ensure their participation in society.

So far we have already got one Keynote speaker: PhD Mats Trondman, professor in cultural sociology, and are waiting for a reply from László Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

In the afternoon there will be time to listen to examples of mentoring with different target groups and discuss how mentoring can be one tool of breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty as active inclusion strategies. We will show “good examples” in mentoring as an innovative tool for creating socially sustainable societies all around Europe.


The next newsletter will be in March where you can read more about The Nightingale Day, the conference, new research and news from Oslo Nightingale.

In March we will send you the invoice for the network so please do not transfer your money yet.


…..we would very much appreciate the Annual Reports!

3 thoughts on “Newsletter January 2014”

  1. Nightingale Växjö says:

    Good minutes from the boardmeeting and a good update about what´s going on. Unfortunately we haven´t got any “Pair of the month” from Växjö yet, but as soon as we´ve got it we`ll let you know. We also think that Natalia´s idéa of a chat for our mentors was great, maybe that can be a “motorway” in to this website for our mentors too?
    Best regards from the two new members of the board.

  2. Nightingale Växjö says:

    Good minutes from the boardingmeeting! Also nice to read about what´s going on. Sad though about Barcelona. Unfortunately we haven´t got any “Pair of the month” from Växjö yet, but as soon as have it we´ll let you know. Natalia´s idea about the chat for the mentors sounds great, maybe that can be a “motorway” for the students in to this website.
    Best regards from the new members in the board.

  3. Nightingale Växjö says:

    Good minutes from the boarding meeting! Also nice to read about what’s going on. Sad though about Barcelona. Unfortunately we haven’t got any “Pair of the Month” from Växjö yet, but as soon as we got it, we’ll let you know. Natalia’s idea about the chat for the mentors was really good, maybe that can be a “motorway” in to this website for the students?
    Best regards from the new members in the board

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