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We would be glad if you could share the number of mentors/mentees in your cities. We plan do some graphics on this on the website.

How many have you had since the start? Respond by commenting on this post

7 thoughts on “Statistics”

  1. Nightingale Malmö says:

    about 1200 mentors and 1200 mentees since the start in Malmö 1997

  2. Malmo says:

    we have had about 1200 mentors and as many children

  3. Malmo says:


  4. rossinyol says:

    In Girona, we have had at the moment 100 mentors and mentees

  5. Vaxjo says:

    Here in Vaxjo we are in our first year and this year we have 20 mentors and 20 children.

  6. Kristianstad says:

    We have been about 150 mentors and 150 children sence start, 2005.

  7. Malmo says:

    Great! Thank you…

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