Newsletter November 2012

2012 11 20


Newsletter November 2012

Dear Nightingale friends,
for those who participated in the conference; thank you. We all think it was a fruitful conference and it was very nice meeting you all again.
We are looking forward to the fourth Nightingale conference in Oslo the 24th of October 2013!

On the website

You can find photos from the network meeting, minutes as well photos and powerpoint presentations from the conference.
We would like you to read the minutes carefully about the decision made regarding what network members should do.

A Reminder
Conference Evaluation

Please remember to send the evaluation to Carina, in order for it to be compiled.

Another reminder

Maybe somebody wants to take part in the announced GRUNDTVIG – workshop about Mentoring. The Nightingale scheme is an important part of this cost free seminar (travel costs will be refunded, accommodation and food), so if you are interested please contact Günther.

Last reminder

We would like to remind you to send the agreement to Carina to get the permission to transfer our network money to next year’s budget.


The board will meet in January so if you have any suggestion or wishes please let us know before the 4th of January.

Next newsletter will be sent to you in January

Best wishes from the board;

Nita, Jordi, Oscar and Carina


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