The 8th Nightingale Conference and Network meeting will be held in Bodö, Norway

2018 04 26

Nattergalen_Mentoring Conference 2018


Save the date  the 10th of October at 4 o´clock for our Network meeting.
Click here and upload the Agenda Network Bodö 2018  

Also welcome to the 8th Nightingale Conference “Belonging”  the 11-12th of October.

Please read more about it here



Nightingale at Nord University, Norway

2017 12 21


Please read more.…but only in Norwegian!

Support partners

2017 11 19

Dear nightingale colleagues, we hope that all the nightingales could fly high during this course. We were astonished to see that Carina was in Ghana recently! As you will probably know Catalonia has had in the last weeks some sad episodes of violence against democratic and civic social movements. Below you will find a link where you can provide support.

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Interesting article in a book

2016 05 11


Nattergalen Bodö: Marit Tveraabak has written an interesting article now published in a book: “Sett, hört go förstått “( “Seen, heard and understood” )
Unfortunately it is only in Norwegian)
Nattergalen artikkel 2016

Nightingale Växjö

2016 04 28

The Malmö Nightingale team have written a  letter  to support Håkan, Sofia and their team in the Nightingale Växjö. We hope that they  will forward this document to their local politicians. We have sign this document from all partners in the Nightingale Network.

Växjö april2016 ( in Swedish only)

…the answer from politicians 

Christmas greetings from partners

2015 12 17



Dear Nightingales!!

Karl and I would like to give you all the best regards from LINZ, Austria. The Nightingale project for 2015/16 began shortly.

The LINZ team will send you the best X-mas wishes and a very successful and good NEW YEAR!!

Karl Wegenschimmel and Siegfried Kiefer

 xmas 1

Dear All friends,

Great to receive this wonderful message, bravo all and great things are

happening. Am happy to associate with you all as we champion this noble

task-of Nightingale mentor ship program.

We have registered tremendous interest from both Public and private

Education institution as mentors and men tees.

We are having our Evaluation meeting this December,

Cheers all and Merry Xmas and prosperous new year 2016,,

Andrew and Team,

Dear all!!!

from the Basque Country (Spain) we desire to you all a Happy New Year and all the best for your personal and professional lives.

We feel very excited with the mentoring experience and we hope to meet you all in the future…it would be great in April.

All the best,

Loira and Karlos

Urretxindorra Proiektua

xmas 2

Thanks so much Carina, happy happy Christmas to you all !!!! Solveig enjoy your retirement, we only met once but we still have your smile in our memories 🙂



The same from us in Växjö!

Håkan and Sofia


A Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Kristianstad

/Fredrika, Oscar & Sara

xmas 3

Merry Christmas and A happy New Year to all of you from us in Halmstad!

Monica, Ulla and Ewa.

Dear all,

Best wishes from Nightingale Switzerland. Please find attached our Season’s Greetings.

Miriam & Margrit

xmas 4 

Thank you Carina, 

 happy Christimas to you all!!! we are new on the mentoring experience but we are very happy and excited to share this wonderful projects of mentoring.

 We also hope to meet you all as soon as possible.

from Tarragona (Spain) we desire to you all a Happy happy  christmas !!

 All the best !


xmas 5 

xmas 6

Dear Carina and Nightingale friends.

From Trondheim, Norway we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Hope to see you in Reykjavik in April.

(The snowman is made by mentor child)

Joachim and Anne

Happy Christmas everyone,

Warm regards


Dear Carina

Dear network members

Greetings from a very wet and windy southwestern tip of Norway.


Dan Dyrli Daatland (Stavanger)

Dear friends the network!

Nightingale-Vienna wants to thank you!

We had been able to start more than 100 tandems this year in Vienna, Salzburg and Graz, most of them this October/November.

And as in Linz, Nightingale Vienna is now an option within the obligatory practical studies of teacher students at the public University of Education in Vienna. 17 students have chosen this option for a time instead of practising teaching in the classroom…

2016 werden hope to get an money from the AMIF Fund to start around 200 tandems!

Good luck to you all! Hope we could See each other in Reykjavik. …

Kind regards,

Günther Leeb

Austrian Kinderfreunde

Greetings from Ostfold University College! 45 mentees and 45 students are happily united! Looking forward to seeing you  in Reykjavik!


Nita Ørmen – Fredrikstad, Norway

Halmstad University Article on Nightingale

2015 12 17

A nice article has been published at the website of Halmstad University about the Nightingale (in Swedish) click here


Sweden Network Meeting June 2015

2015 06 25


Networks meeting in Växjö


The 16th of June the ”small national network” had a meeting in Växjö. Nightingale Malmö, Nightingale Kristianstad and Nightingale Växjö met for a one day.
This time the network discussed “fun and sorrows” during the mentoring year 2014-2015, evaluations and recruiting. Henrik Nilsson, the extern evaluator of Nightingale Växjö was invited to talk about his work and to answer questions.

The meeting was fine and Malmö, Kristianstad and Växjö think that small meetings like this once a year is important to encourage, to help and to discuss things they all meet as “Nightingale members”.

växjö 2 växjö 1

New Instagram for Nightingale Malmö!

2015 03 17

Nightingale Malmö have started up a new Instagram account, please follow us here and join in on the fun! 🙂

Nightingale celebrating the International Nightingale Day on the 24th of February 2015

2015 03 01

Nightingale celebrated the International Nightingale Day on the 24th of February and here are a few photos from the fun celebration:

nightingale6 nightingale5 nightingale4

nightingale3 nightingale2 nightingale1