Näktergalens effekter/Nightingale effect

2019 06 28

Här kan ni ladda ner en sammanställning av utvärderingar gjorda i Malmö, efter de tre första åren samt utvärderingar och sammanställningar av Näktergalens olika pilotprojek.http://nightingalementoring.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/mentorskapets-effekter_KORR-kopia-kopia.pdft

Here you can download the English translation of the folder NIGHTINGALE EFFECT which is a compilation of evaluation Nightingales pilote project.

Annual Report

2019 06 26

This document partners have to fill in every year when their program end. The Nightingale Malmö will then compile it and send it to all partners, before the new Nightingale will start again.
Load it down here

Examensarbete ( in Swedish)

2018 11 11

På högskolan i Halmstad har två studenter,Kajsa Carlsson och Adriana Eriksson gjort ett examensarbete, 2018:

Blivande Lärare, Empati och Mentorskap
-En kvalitativ studie om hur blivande lärare utvecklar sin empatiska förmåga genom mentorskap
Resultatet visar att alla de intervjuade upplevde att deras empati hade utvecklats genom att de haft en nära relation och tät kontakt med en person som hade en helt annan livssituation än de själva.
Here you can load down the paper (in Swedish)

Paid fee and the Nightingale Finances

2016 04 28

New article on Nightingale and its importance (in Swedish)

2014 12 15

Smålands Posten writes about the need to continue Nightingale in Swedish here called: Näktergalen behövs –satsa för framtiden

Spreadsheets related to Network Finances and Payments

2013 10 31

IMPORTANT – Survey to complete for annual report

2013 06 12

It is vital that we work together and show solidarity and can demonstrate on paper, in figures and via concrete examples the positive results that we are getting from all our hard work and that of everyone involved in the networks, so that we can carry on receiving funding. In order to help to achieve and document this please could take the time to complete the following document and submit it to Carina:

Nightingale Template-for-annual-report-2013-2014

Many thanks in advance

Further Information on The Nightingale Mentoring Network

2012 10 18

Please find a downloadable word document providing more information about the Nightingale Mentoring Network here.

The Nightingale Concept and Agreement

2012 10 18

Please find a downloadable word document on the Nightingale Concept and Agreement here.

Outline for Network Meeting on the 24th of October

2012 10 17

Please find the outline for the Network Meeting due to take place on the 24th of October 2012 available for download here.