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October Newsletter

2016 10 26

Dear Nightingale friends,


we are so happy to announce you that Nightingale Malmö got the Malmö University award for our internal and external cooperation. If you understand Swedish you can read the text on the diploma! …if not we think you might see the text about Malmö Nightingale role model for 24 different Nightingales in Europe and Africa and that all are included in the Nightingale network!

The Nightingale 7th Conference will be held in Barcelona

We are also happy to inform you that the network meeting will be Wednesday 14th of June ant the Conference will this time be two days: the 15th and the 16th of June.

Partners news: 
The Nightingale in Kristianstad

In Kristianstad, in the southern of Sweden, September is more warm this year. At the moment, we are doing our best to recruit new mentors, by running between the buildings at campus to inspire the students to become one of us at the Nightingale.
And we have had such a great use of the new Nightingale film from Austria, thank you! We are hoping to get hold of 25 mentors at the mid October. So we are looking forward to get started.


Last year kickoff at the Regional Museum in Kristianstad and Center of Contemporary Art.

The Nightingale year in Kristianstad starts the 12th November with a kickoff at the Regional Museum and Center of Contemporary Art. At this kickoff, the mentees and mentors are getting to know each other, by doing a quiz together that leads them around the exhibition at the museum. Throughout the exhibition there is a special children’s trail. The footprints left by skeleton Thue pass about 20 stories told from a child’s point of view, illustrated as cartoons.
At the end they will be visiting the so called Café Miró for having cinnamon bun and soft drinks. Most of the children and parents have never ever been to the museum and are not aware thats it´s for free. And the prices this day at the café are reduced just for us.
Everyone is welcoming us warmly, both the teachers at the university and the people around our municipality saying – Hey! You are doing such great job! But it’s a great challenge to get the students to join in even if they gain a lot.
Wish you all a fantastic Nightingale year! Fredrika, Sara and Cecilia


An Ecological Perspective Of Mentor Satisfaction With Their Youth Mentoring Relationsships
By Todd, & Sanchez 2016
These researchers found that mentors who were more culturally competent, had more positive relationships with their mentee’s family, and were more satisfied with their mentoring program organization tended to also be more satisfied with their mentoring relationship with mentee.
What is interesting is what predicting satisfaction for the mentors and can be vital of how we recruit and retain mentors.   Read more about it on our Research & Development page.

Next Newsletter

The idea about the Newsletter that was presented in Iceland was that partners should write our monthly Newsletter and send it to Carina. There they could add questions, come up with ideas, spread interesting research  and not only write about your own Nightingale program. 
Next partners for November is Nightingale Zug, Switzerland
December: Nightingale Telemark, Norway



September Newsletter 2016

2016 09 19

Dear Nightingale friends,
hopefully you all have had a nice relaxing summer and are  all are back with lot of energy.
As decided in Reykjavik one partner each will take care and write our Newsletter. This month it is

Nightingale Tarragona ( Proyecto Ruiseñor), Spain

The Nightinpicture-pr-tarragonagale Year is starting and we couldn’t be more exited! We are going to carry out the project in three new places this year. That makes us extremely proud because to expand the Nightingale Project Tarragona was one of our main goals!

Last year mentor-mentee pairs went to the library, the cinema, the beach… They baked cookies, made origami and visited museums. On the last day, they went to the Jungle Trek, a theme park, and they had such a great time!
This year we hope that the project will go as well as last year and it is our wish to have more mentor-mentee pairs join us.!

A bachelor thesis

We would like to introduce Morgan Deumiers interesting bachelor thesis. He has been mentor three times, in Malmö and is now working as coordinator. He was awarded for the best thesis this year at his course.

Morgan is using Bourdieu’s sociological perspective, to examining how mentoring may strengthen the mentors’ and mentees’ social and cultural capitals.

The result shows that mentors’ and mentees’ cultural capitals —linguistic capital, know-how, and knowledge — have been exchanged and strengthened. But there are also more interesting results. Please click here to read more.

Next Conference

We are happy to inform you that next conference will be held in Barcelona in June.


The webpage is updated, a lot of links to member’s webpages was not correct. However there were some pages that could not be found so please check it yourselves and let Carina know.

The board

have had it´s first meeting. You can find the Minutes on the webpage.

We want to  encourage you all to cooperate and have contact. As we decided in Reykjavik at our network meeting members should have contact with each other about “Mentoring-ideas worth spreading”

The App

Unfortunately the app is not available yet. The team that worked with the app is no longer working with the organization  so  it will not be possible to use it now in October as earlier planned. We hope we will get more news about it soon.

Do not forget to send the Annual Report!

A reminder to partners who have not send the Annual Report to Carina. Please do so. It is important to be able to compile relevant data and later disseminate it.


EUSARF Conference

14322663_10207124323973362_3538847914813591515_nSome of our Norwegian partners will join this conference in Spain and present Nightingale program. We hope to hear more from them in our next coming Newsletter.
Interesting in reading more about the Conference. Click here 


Next newsletter:

Responsible for our Newsletter the coming month is:
October: Nightingale Kristianstad, Sweden
November: Nightingale Zug, Switzerland
December: Nightingale Telemark, Norway
January: Nightingale Vienna, Graz and Salzburg, Austria
February: Nightingale Girona, Spain
March: Vianatta Iceland
April: Nightingale Uganda
May: Nightingale Stavanger, Norway


June Newsletter 2016

2016 06 08


Dear Nightingale friends,

It is getting closer to the summer holiday and end of this semester. Hope everyone had a nice Farewell-party with your tandems of mentors-mentees. (Except Switzerland who will continue with their mentor program over the summer)

We are ofcourse so sorry that seems to be the last time for Växjö, Sweden but we still cross our fingers that the municipality of Växjö will change their minds. And hopefully the letter we sent them can make them consider their decission. If something will change we will ofcourse let you know. But until then we would like to thank Håkan and his team for their work and good cooperation in the Nightingale netork, also as a board member. We wish you all a nice summer!


News from partners:

Nightingale Linz is a mentoring project of the University of Education in Upper Austria

Students spend their leisure time together with the mentee once a week for two to three hours. Possible activities are cooking or playing games, visiting different museums and sights, going to the cinema or zoos, just going for a walk, getting to know interesting people, borrowing books from libraries, learning German in a tandem- setting.

Students have an effect on the mentees as implicit educators, they open them a world that mentees would have never seen. So they give them confidence in the present and in the future.

The project starts with the start day in October, when mentors, mentees and their parents meet first.

Typical of the Austrian Nightingale Project is a

  • seminar with the title “Talking with Kids”
  • number of reflections by the mentors regarding critical incidents „…critical incidents are not „things“ which exist independently of an observer and are awaiting discovery like gold nuggets or desert islands, but like all data, critical incidents are created. Incidents happen, but critical incidents are produced by the way we look at a situation: a critical incident is an interpretation of the significance of an event. To take something as a critical incident is a value judgement we make, and the basis of that judgement is the significance we attach to the meaning in the incident“(Tripp, 2012, p. 8).
  • boat trip on the Danube at the end of the project (see the photos)

thumbnail_Nightingale Linz3 (FILEminimizer)thumbnail_Nightingale Linz2 (FILEminimizer)thumbnail_Nightingale Linz4 (FILEminimizer)thumbnail_Nightingale Linz4 (2) (FILEminimizer) 

News from Norway:

Nattergalen Bodös Marit Tveraabak has written an interesting article now published in a book: “Sett, hört og förstått “( “Seen, heard and understood” )Unfortunately it is only in Norwegian). Click here to read more.

Another news:

The 19th of May Carina got The Royal Society Pro Patrias gold medal for “civic virtues” and merits with the Nightingale mentoring program. Once a year the society distribute a golden medal to “honorable persons” for her/his work.
So thank you all Nightingaels – one part of the medal!
This year they also celebrated their 250 year!
Read more:

IMG_45332016-05-19 17.08.24
2016-05-19 14.16.15

The queen of Sweden- Silvia!

Now all of you thank you for working hard with the Nightingale also this semester, as usual!
But before your go on holiday do not forget to send us the Annual Report

Don´t worry, you will hear more from us, next Newsletter will be our in August – Nightingale 20th year in Malmö!

Rapsfält JPG

Have a nice summer!

Newsletter May 2016

2016 04 27

thankyou languages

Dear Nightingale friends,

first of all thank you for your participation and engagement in the network meeting and at the Conference. Especially big thank to the Iceland team who arranged everything. I am so happy that so many parters could come.

Björk has now uploaded a film from the Conference, so you can revisit the conference or see it for the first time if you missed it! There you can also find powerpoint presentations and some nice photos from our network meeting and the guided tour. You will find everything on the Conference blog.

The Minutes from the network meeting is now also uploaded where all documents from our network meeting are available.

You will also find photos (on the Network meeting page) from our network meeting, guided tour and from network dinner etc. Thank you Hans Björstad for all photos!

The wonderful film from Austria is also uploaded at the Network page. In Malmö we have also uploaded it on our homepage and Facebook account.

Next Conference 

We are very happy to announce that next Conference will be held in Barcelona!
The Barcelona team want to arrange it in first or second week in June. More details will of course come later.

But we are so sad to announce once again that Växjö will finish.

The Malmö team have however decided to write  a  document to Håkan to support him and his team, which he can  forward to local politicians. We also hope all partners in the Network can be signed this document.
The document ( in Swedish)

News from partners

Nightingale San Sebastian, Spain
Nightingale Donostia- San Sebastián has taken part in different activities from the cultural life in Donostia-San Sebastián. The group had the chance to discover what lies behind the visible ocean life at the Aquarium of Donostia, finding out what is going on where the regular visitor cannot tread: how the animals are fed, some creatures yet to be exhibited, etc. It was amazing!
Furthermore, a guided tour of San Sebastian’s Anoeta Stadium, home to the local football club, was offered to the participants, and they enjoyed it so much!

newsletter may 2

Network Meeting Decisions

As decided at our network meeting the following partners will now write the newsletters:

May Nightingale Malmö, Sweden
June Nightingale Linz, Austria
August Nightingale Stavanger, Norway
September Nightingale Tarragona ( Proyecto Ruiseñor), Spain
October Nightingale Kristianstad, Sweden
November Nightingale Zug, Switzerland
December Nightingale Telemark, Norway

January Nightingale Vienna, Graz and Salzburg, Austria
February Nightingale Girona, Spain
March Vianatta Iceland
April Nightingale Uganda

Also as decided in the network meeting partners will work together in different groups with:
Ideas worth spreading – the best idea this year

This is also in line of the networks aim
to have experience exchanges
Be a forum for deeper discussions
in cooperation possibilities within the network
see The Purpose of the Nightingale Network

These are the themes:
1. Recruitment of students and children
2. Mentor Training
3. Supervision
4. Ideas for research
5. Ideas for the Nightingale Day the 24th of February
6. Interaction with Social media
7. Developing the cooperation with schools/our cooperation partners
8. Cooperation with the community
9. Fundraising
10. Other ideas

Please let me know who the network leader in each group. Mail to

As mentioned many times before: PLEASE fill in the Annual Report so we can compile and use the document to show others what we are creating together.

Looking forward to June newsletter, where we will get news from Nightingale Linz, Austria.

Newsletter March 2016

2016 03 02

Dear Nightingale friends,


Hope you all celebrated the Nightingale Day the 24th of February!
Thank you Inma ( Spain) who made a hashtag for us, on our Nightingale International Day.
Let’s sing together! #NightingaleDay

For those who understand catalan, this is how our catalan partners spread the news about the Nightingale Day: “24 de febrer, Dia Internacional del projecte Rossinyol”
Click on this link.

Oscar and Jordi, Girona, Spain have also published an english text here.


 Malmö Nightingale (Näktergalen)

Celebrated it by letting children and mentors make cakes se on the top) and the made nice new Nightingale logos together.

Untitled3 Untitled2 IMG_4417
Please let us know how you celebrated the day. Send us photos, please.


The Nightingale 6th Annual Conference in Reykjavik – “Opportunities and Participation” the 15th of April 2016

We are very much looking forward to this Conference and to meeting all the partners.
You can see the program and read more on the the blog: about the the key note speakers and the two seminars which will be held by the Girona partners and the Uganda partners here.

Hope you all have registered! If not please do it now!

The network meeting will be on the 14th of April at 3 o´clock and take place at the same place as the conference.

If you have any ideas or suggestion of a program this afternoon do not hesitate to let us know. We want to try to make the day as good as possible and worth attending for all of you.

After the network meeting we will have a guided tour and then dinner together (this will not be included in the conference fee, everyone has to cover the cost of their own meal).

Network fees from 1st of April 2016 to 30th of March 2017
We will soon send you the invoice for a new membership in the Nightingale.  


News from partners

Nightingale Halmstad, Sweden

We would like to inform you that our third group has started and we are so happy!
12 students from different programs at the Halmstad University(teacher students, sports psychology students, language program students, social change & social sustainability program students, work science and Information technology students) now meet 12 refugees from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia, Syrien, Morocco och Palestine.
The first meeting/Kick-Off Day takes place on the 15th of February and will continue until December 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 21.38.14


Nightingale Barcelona, Spain

Sessions of exchange between mentors in Nightingale Barcelona.
Two exchange sessions between participant mentors in Nightingale Barcelona took place last 4th and 5th February.

The sessions were boosted by two students from the Faculty of Education of University of Barcelona. The first part of the sessions consisted in discussing common topics in the mentoring relationship as the involvement of the mentee, the relationship with peers and the family involvement.

Secondly, mentors were asked to identify emotions with situations that occurred to them in the project. Guess which one was the most named, in both groups? SATISFACTION!!!

Untitled5 Untitled4

Østfold, Norway

Hege Simensen and Nita Ørmen took part in the UCC ( University Collage) International week in Hillerød, North of Copenhagen, and in a workshop for Young Mentors, Norwegian experience they talked about their Nightingale program.



Here is an article from teacher student at University of Art in Iceland.


Holland Summit conference

A mentoring program in Holland will have a European Mentoring Summit in Leeuwarden, Holland on the 17th and 18th of April. Carina has been invited, but partners from Spain will also participate. One of the keynote speakers will be prof. Dr. Jean Rhodes from University of Massachusetts, director of Mentor Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring.
Please read more about it here.
If you have anything you would like to share with partners in the Nightingale network, please let us know.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Iceland!



Newsletter December 2015

2015 12 02

Första bild Newsletter Dec 15
Dear Nightingale friends,
Right now there are more than one thousand children from different Universities around Europe and Africa (in the Nightingale) that regularly meet with a mentor. Once a week the mentor and child get together in order to enjoy some nice activities together. Meeting is where mutual learning develops, where knowledge about each other grows, and both parties get insight into one another’s different world. This kind of interaction is vital in today’s turbulent world! This is really what the world needs right now: humanity and positive relations. To do something right now can change the future for the better. So keep up all your good work.

News from Iceland Conference the 15th of April 

Björk has now also uploaded new information to the blog regarding the Conference here.

The primary slogan of our Conference will be: Opportunities and participation
The Keynote speaker will be: PhD Sigrún Júlíusdóttir, who is a professor at the University of Iceland and also runs a private practice working with psychotherapy for individuals and families, supervision and counseling.
The other Keynote speaker will be Elisabet Karlsdottir who is an Executive of the ICE-CCFR, Centre for Children and Family Research and Erla Björg Sigurðardóttir, Department of Welfare at the University of Iceland.
In the afternoon we have decided that one seminar will be held by the Uganda partners, telling us about their experiences of starting the Nightingale program in Kampala, Uganda, the very first Nightingale in Africa.
The other seminar will be held by the Girona partners, about a study that was recently carried out and published in an academic journal: How an intervention project contributes to social inclusion of adolescents and young people of foreign origin (download a PDF of the article here)

The Conference will start at 9.30 and end at approximately 3 o´clock so participants have the option of catching return flights the same evening.
Halldóra has sent a reminder to all of you: please spread the word about the Conference and relevant information/the blog and apply before Christmas (the same goes for the network meeting) to be able to get the lower price, and also to have the possibility to plan for the Network meeting.

So please help the Iceland partners to spread the news and the blog at your University, and networks, cities etc. so we get as many participants as possible.

Don´t forget to add in your calendar: the 14th of April we will have our usual network meeting from 2 or 3 o ´clock.

News from our Nightingale partners

Nightingale Finland

As earlier mentioned Solveig will retire from her work for the Nightingale Finland and unfortunately Finland Arcada have decided not to continue the Nightingale program. We are all sorry about that, but would like most of all send greetings and a big thank you to Solveig for her hard and enthusiastic work for the Nightingale Finland.

We also want to wish her a nice and happy time as a pensioner!

She has sent a message to us:

It is not easy to grasp the project in a few words and still it could be grasped in only one

And that is LOVE

This is the substance that Nightingale is made of

Love for children and the dwelling possibilities that are only waiting for the right person

To luck up the barriers that hinders from feeling safe and sing.

Love for the students that are getting an opportunity to grow in adulthood by getting responsibility

And freedom to choose activities in safe limits.

It has been a privilege in five years to follow this process. The effect on children, students and families has been most life-giving. In many cases it has been a bridge to the Finnish society for families and they have got trust that there is an opportunity to live in a new country not only to


It is a huge gift for the world that there are persons like Carina Sild Lönroth that have the brilliant intelligence to create a format that is so clear and gives so good steps to follow, and a huge heart filled with love that spreads like circles on the water.

Children is our future but we need tools and after five years working with Nightingale I have seen that this is a tool that could rescue so many children and families.


Kind regards Solveig

Rossinyol anniversary

Nightingale Rossinyol 10 years

This year Nightingale, Rossinyol in Girona have been running for ten years so they will celebrate their 10th anniversary. That is so great and we really wish you another ten happy years (which are just beginning) and send huge congratulations your way! We hope that they can share some nice photos from their celebration and maybe some unforgettable memories from the last ten years. Last year we had the Swedish Nightingale Kristianstad in Sweden celebrating their 10th anniversary. Next year there will be another celebration too.

Oscar PG

It is, as you’ve probably have noticed, approaching Christmas which also means we are getting closer to our Nightingale Conference in Iceland. This is a nice happening and we are all looking forward to meeting again.

Dr. Oscár Prieto-Flores, Girona Rossinyol visited Malmö University in October. He was the Key note speaker at the “International week” at Malmö University and delivering an interesting lecture: Paths that lead students of ethnic and immigrant background in Europe on a collage track. You can see the lecture here.

Nightingale Växjö

Håkan, Nightingale Växjö has alreday mentioned to us that they have had problems regarding funds from their municipality. Unfortunately these problems continue and in fact it may increase. They are now facing serious problems with imminent closure next year.
This is a problem that Nightingale Linz is also facing, with a new economic crisis after an election. The new party have announced that 40 – 50 % of the budget (including the mentoring projects) will be cut. However they still hope that it will not be that much. They will know more about the situation shortly before X-mas. We will keep our fingers crossed.

Nightingale Uganda

Bridget jpg
There is happier news from Nightingale Uganda who have had their first Kick-Off at 26th of October with 24 couples. Bridget, the Nightingale child Ambassador in Africa, was the guest of honour and other invited guests also gave presentations. You can see more films etc. at their Facebook click here

You can watch a video of the Nightingale Uganda video here.

Hittar varandra g på skolgården pgMentorer pg Uganda mentorer och barn pg

News from our Nightingale partner in Barcelona

41 pairs of mentors and mentees have already met each other and started their mentoring relationship.  Nightingale is already flying in Barcelona!

3 starting events took place in November, with the participation of 9 schools from different inner-city neighbourhoods. This is the 6th Edition of Nightingale scheme (Rossinyol) in Barcelona. 

5 67 8

Inma Martín Alegre .  Emprenedoria- Mentoria Fundació Servei Solidari

Meeting in Oslo

The eight Nightingales in Norway have had their national meeting in Oslo at the Norweigian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, Carina, from Malmö was invited to tell them about the Nightingale work in Europe and Africa and her experiences about recruitment.

As mentioned earlier we have got a reminder from our Perach friend about a mentoring Conference in Mexico. Please read more about it:

Which you all a Merry Merry Christmas and a happy new year,

Carina and the board

xmas nightingale logo

Newsletter September 2015

2015 09 09


Nightingale o

Dear Nightingale friends,
I hope that you have had a nice summer and are back with strong energy and the power to continue with your work.
I guess the most of the network members are working with the recruitment of new mentors and mentees. We wish you good luck. Couldn´t we agree this year that you send me your figures of mentor-mentees so we all can use thse figures to show how many tandems (mentor+mentees) are meeting in the Nightingale concept?

That would be so good!


Iceland Conference


We hope everyone has seen the nice blog that has been uploaded to the webpage.
Now it is your turn to spread the information about the Conference so that it will be a well attended event. In the morning we will have one Key-notespeaker. In the next newsletter we will write more about this. In the afternoon we have decided to have different seminars, but we are waiting for your abstracts before we decide exactly how to do it.

So please send an abstract of a thesis you have done, an article you have written or an idea you want to spread. The board want it, at the latest, by the 15th of November to be able to decide who can come to the Conference for free. As we had earlier decided the network will cover the conference fee, for that person as well the travel and hotel costs, for network partners in Europe who will hold a lecture or a seminar.

3d human give a lecture behind a podium

News for next coming newsletter

Are there any partners who would like to share any news with us in the next coming newsletter. Please let me know. What about Vienna, Bodö or other partners in Norway who has not been introduced yet?





All of us who are working with mentoring program know that it works however we need research that confirms what we all know and intuitively feel – to be able also to convince other – that mentoring works.

In 2013 a study was made called “The Role of Risk: Mentoring Experiences and Outcomes for Youth with Varying Risk Profiles,” who examined mentoring program relationships, experiences and benefits for higher-risk youth.

Among the findings there are some positive results.


  • The strongest program benefit, and most consistent across risk groups, was a reduction in depressive symptoms — a particularly noteworthy finding given that almost one in four youth reported worrisome levels of these symptoms at baseline.
  • Findings also suggested gains in social acceptance, academic attitudes and grades.
  • In addition to benefits in specific domains, mentored youth also experienced gains in a greater number of outcomes than youth in the comparison group.


The study also confirmed that mentoring programs could be beneficial for youth with a broad range of backgrounds and characteristics. If training and support was tailored it has the potential to produce an even stronger benefits.
The study involved more than 1,300 youth, drawn from seven mentoring programs in USA.

Click here to view the full study

Click here to view the Executive Summary


Best wishes,


Newsletter June 2015

2015 06 25

IMG_0879 kopia

Dear Nightingale friends,
Summer is here and this is the last Newsletter for this semester. I hope you will soon be enjoying your holidays but first…we have some news that we would like to share with you.

The Conference in Iceland and news from the board

Hallóra and Bjork have found a potential candidate, who is an academic in the field of social work, to be a keynote speaker at our 6th Nightingale Conference. The hotel is also pre-booked.
As previously mentioned, the conference will be held on the 15th of April 2016, in cooperation with the University. The day before we will have our usual network meeting from 2 or 3 o ´clock. Don´t forget to add it to your calendar.


So far we have got a suggestion from Norway regarding the participation at the conference. The suggestion is that the network will cover payment for partners who will hold a seminar (conference fee, travel and hotel costs). So the board has now decided to let partners send abstracts and look into the economic part, if we can cover everything for two persons. So if you have any idea or want to present anything, please send us an abstract before the end of October. Of course there will always be an opportunity to come to do a «Teacher Exchange», which means your University must have or write an agreement with the Iceland University.
The board have decided to buy some profile products so we can advertising the Nightingale network.

News from partners


Let me introduce Nor, our Nightingale Ambassador in Malmö. She was awarded for showing big interest and engagement in the Nightingale program in Malmö, Sweden during this year. Maybe some of you also remembered her from our Conference in Malmö singing about her school? On the picture you see her with her together with her father and sister, with the diploma in her hand at the final parting of the ways.


Nor at the conference

Some weeks earlier I also nominated Bridget as the Nightingale Ambassador in Uganda.

little ambassador

Regarding Nightingale Uganda, there is a short film from the launch, at the Kampala University where almost 1000 persons attended. Click here to watch the film.

Nightingale Navarra, Spain

Nightingale Navarra started in 2010-2011 academic year and this is the forth edition. From that time a group of mentors of Public University of Navarre are taking part in it as mentors every year.
Nightingale Project of Public University of Navarre is support by Catedra Unesco for Citizenship, Coexistence and Pluralism of this University and in February 2015 organized a seminar entitled: Mentoring- a Formula for Shared Societies.

A seminar has been held in Public University of Navarre.


In the seminar the teachers from Girona’s Nightingale Project took part (Oscar and Jordi) in explaining how mentoring is an useful tool for social inclusion and also how they develop mentoring in their project and why they think it is a good opportunity for learning, not only for the children who take part but also for mentors and families.

The Nightingale project in Navarra explained their mentoring experience. For that two mentors, a mother of a mentee, and the teacher of the children took part in the seminar. For this part we also had the experience of the mentees who were videotaped and projected in that space.

Almost 60 persons attended the seminar, mostly university students and social professionals.


Greetings from Natalia Nightingale Navarra


Nightingale Finland

In the next newsletter Solveig has promised to write something about Nightingale Finland because she will no longer work with Nightingale since she will retire in December. We will miss her! And sorry to say there will be no singing Nightingale after her retirement.


Nightingale network Sweden

All coordinators from Sweden have had their regular yearly meeting. This time in Växjö. Click here to read the Minutes.

Nightingale Halmstad

We want to congratulate Näktergalen Halmstad who have got 25 000 Swedish kronor from the Swedish “Jubileumsfond”, which is a foundation of the King of Sweden that supports activities and projects aimed at greater integration in society of children and adolescents.
Click here to read more.



If someone want so write anything on the Swedish Näktergalen/Nightingale Facebook page or wishes to post some pictures there, please let me know and I will gladly upload them for you.
Please add us as a friend and like the page. And also share page with your friends and colleagues. We have soon 500 friends so far.
Click here to friend or like our Facebook page!
Of course you can still put news on our Nightingale network page on …»Network and Partner News»


“Perach”mentoring program is approaching the 10th anniversary.

Perach Mexico will be celebrating its 10th years. Mr. Armando Jinich, the founder and chairman of Perach Mexico has therfore agreed to host a conference which will take place on 1 – 4 of December 2015 in Cancun, Mexico.

When we have got more details, and especially the exact venue, timetable, call for papers and costs I will let you know.
Now….thank you for your cooperation this semester,
We wish you all a nice summer.

To do something for anothers is the greatest pleasure and sometime the smallest things take up the most room in your heart and
as you all know the best things in life
aren´t things.

/ Carina and the board

Newsletter May 2015

2015 04 28

Dear Nightingale friends,


Since the last newsletter in February a lot of nice things have happened. For example we have celebrated “The Nightingale Day” on the 24th of February. You can see more photos our website, click “Network and partner news”.

Iceland for example celebrated the day by hosting workshops organized by students from the Iceland Academy of Arts: three different workshops centered on music, painting and design/architecture.
At Østfold, Norway they celebrated the day with a masquerade- dancing, eating cookies and playing.

Växjö, Sweden had ”drop-in-coffee” and the project management provided information, showed their inspirational films and handed out coffee and flyers to students at the university during lunch hours.

Kristianstad, Sweden had an exhibition and Malmö, Sweden celebrated the day together with mentors and children, eating a big cake and making Nightingale birds.

We have heard that also Oslo celebrated the day and if somebody else has photos from this day we can upload them in the next newsletter.


News from partners

Växjö, Sweden has finally got confirmation that they can continue, with funds from the municipality and the University.
Halmstad, Sweden have also received positive response in the form of funds from the region, county government and Halmstad municipality will enable them to continue and they will now look for 24 new mentors.

Nightingale Kristianstad, Sweden will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the 9th of May. They will have cake-party and have arranged nice activities for children and mentors and other specially invited guests.

Navarra, Spain has had a conference, hopefully we can read more about this in the upcoming newsletter.

New Nightingale members

We want to welcome Nightingale Tarragona, “Projecte Rossinyol” and hope to get some information about them in the next newsletter.

Nightingale Uganda


As you all know I (Carina) have been in Uganda for 15 days, working with Andrew Mukwana and his wife Jeniffer and their team to start the “Nightingale Uganda”.

Mr. and Mrs. Mukwana had already done a great deal of exceptional work before I arrived, contacting different key-persons and made a program for us that we followed every day.


I had some workshops with teachers from different school and held public lectures at the Kampala University. Everyone was so positive about the Nightingale program.

a9 a10 a11

We visited a number of different schools, met headmasters, teachers and children.

When we asked the question: Who wants a mentor? Everyone hold up their hands.


I have also conducted interviews with children who have applied to be part of the program and one thing that stuck me was the difference from when I interviewed Swedish children, who almost every time said that they want to do things and try different activities with their mentor. All these children said the wanted somebody who would listen to them and they all wanted a mentor so that they had somebody that they could talk to.


My name is xxx, a student from the Academy Lawrence s1a. I am a Ugandan aged thirteen. I would like to join the Nightingale program. I would like to get a mentor who can help me solve and listen to all my problems. I want somebody who can listen to me and one I can ask things. Thank you!


At Princess Diana school I even met the “President of the school”! Here I give her a Nightingale pin. She was also awarded the position of The Nightingale ambassador by me. She gave a speech at the launch that was held the 15th of April at Kampala University with almost 1000 people in attendance. It really was a great day when the Nightingale program was launched in Uganda- the first one in Africa with the Dean Vice Chancellor, Professor Badru Kartegga, who is also the founder of the Kampala University.

I will later also upload the film of this fantastic event to our webpage.



This month’s presentation: Nattergalen Stavanger

Torhild Øvestad Rosell presented the Nightingale group at the University of Stavanger (UiS) for international students. (She is third from left in the second row in the photo below).

Nightingale activities and some theory on mentoring were presented to two different groups of international students in 2015:

1: Incoming Erasmus BA-students in spring term

2: MA-students (Erasmus Mundus European MA-course EMMIR) in the autumn


The students are incoming Erasmus students from Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany, and they take several courses during a full spring term. One optional course of 6 ECTS is called “Migration and Intercultural Relations” and deals with the challenge of migration in schools and kindergartens. The students are all training to be teachers (from kindergarten to upper secondary school), and during the course they have looked into recommended practices to work with minority and migrant children. They have also visited institutions in the Stavanger area to study relevant practices in Norway. After their stay in Stavanger (spring term) they will go back to their own teacher training institution, hopefully with helpful knowledge about mentoring.

Such “recommended practices” may be listed in various research reports. One such report (edited by Prof Friedrich Heckmann) was commissioned by the EU when Governments and NGOs in Europe were asked to take part in a consultation process about how to improve the situation for migrant children/students in education. There was a growing concern in EU countries of alarming underachievement in school by children from such groups.

“Education and Migration – Strategies for integrating migrant children in European schools and societies”.

In this report mentoring is listed as one of sixteen recommendations that Governments and NGOs should look into:

Recommendation no 12 in the Heckmann report

“”Mentoring in different forms and by different actors can substantially improve school attainment. School authorities and school management should encourage and coordinate mentoring activities from outside the school by voluntary associations, welfare organisations, migrant

associations and municipalities. Ethnic mentoring seems to be a particularly successful form of mentoring.”

It may be of interest to observe that “ethnic mentoring” is mentioned especially in this report, as the Nightingale program has never given any priority to mentors (students) belonging to the same ethnic group as the mentee (the child)!

Students have been invited to discuss this issue (ethnic mentoring) and similar choices that have to be made, and also to learn from the way the Nightingale program is organized to qualify students to act as good mentors. Students have contributed with own experiences with mentor-like activities of various kinds in their own countries. The web site of the Nightingale Network has been looked into as well.

Video material from both Sweden and Norway has been very helpful.

Students have also spent time on working with digital storytelling about migration and integration experiences of people they know, even as close as own family.

This has been a meaningful way of identifying with challenges people have in settling into another country and another culture, and still not losing one’s own.

2: MA-students (European MA EMMIR) in the autumn

In the autumn a small group of students from the EMMIR MA-program will work with similar issues as those mentioned above. However, there will be a good deal more theory involved, and at the same time there will also be organized a separate workshop where students have time to go deeper into the materials.


A reminder!

Please check your link on our webpage, so for example Volkshochschule OÖ Institut Interkulturelle Pädagogik, Linz, University of Stavanger, Agder, Østfold, Halmstad your link is not working. Please send us your link so we can update the “Member page”.

Newsletter February 2015

2015 02 09

newsletter feb 2015 3 newsletter feb 2015 2
Dear Nightingale friends,

In the latest board meeting we discussed how to better promote Nightingale. That´s why now we want to encourage all partners in the network to disseminate and promote your own Nightingale projects as well as the overall network. One way is to disseminate results, news or status about your project on the 24th of February – The International “Nightingale day”.
Another idea might be to write something on your own webpage or Facebook page, put photos or links to other partners page and show others how many singing Nightingales there are all across Europe. Or maybe you have other ideas about how to do it best? Please let us know!


News from members:

Växjö, Sweden
A solution to how to finance the project in the future in Växjö has yet to be found. However there will be a meeting between the University and the municipality of Växjö the 12th of February. We will be crossing our fingers.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland has had a meeting with the University in Reykjavik and hopes to implement their program at the University. Hopefully our next conference in Reykjavik (2016) will be held at that University.

Pamplona, Spain
will hold a conference about “Social mentoring”, Thursday February the 26th.

Tarrogona, Spain
Welcome “Ropssinyol Tarragona”, member of the “Asociación Quilómetro Zero” who have now decided to take part in our network.

newsletter feb 2015 8 newsletter feb 2015 1

Halmstad, Sweden
Have finished their Nightingale pilot project and had an information and discussion meeting the 20th of January. We cross our fingers that the meeting’s outcome was positive and that the project will continue.

Telemark, Norway
has made a film with mentors and children who met in December, which you can view here.

Kristianstad, Sweden
will celebrate its 10th anniversary and will have a little party on the 7th of May.

Malmö, Sweden
has continued the email conversation with Uganda and Carina has been invited to Uganda. She will probably go there in and assist them with setting up “Nightingale Uganda”.
newsletter feb 2015 7 newsletter feb 2015 6

If YOU have something you would like to share, please write to Carina to put it in the next coming Newsletter.


Pair of the month

We would like to continue to load up photos of “one pair of the month” from partners. But we would also like you to share what is going on in your own program and put this in the next coming Newsletter.

This month we would like to present our new partner Rossinyol

From the Associació Quilòmetre Zero and through the Rossinyol project, by using the Nightingale method, we would like to establish a communication network and also a group of practices between different universities, especially with the URV. (Universitat Rovira i Virgili). We would like to work more specifically with the Social Work and Pedagogy students and also with students from the school “L’escola de Bonavista”, from Tarragona, who are taking the 6th course now. Along this course (2014-2015) the Nightingale Project (Proyecte Rossinyol) has been applied in some courses.

We have 12 couples of mentors who are already meentoring people. The mentor’s main objective is to help the mentoree person to develope theirself in professional and personal aspects. This is accompanied with support, friendship, trust and help. And, last but not least,  trying to be a good and positive example to follow.

Apart from that, there are volunteers who want to establish a relationship also in order to help and give special support to people  who have different necessities and who need some more attention. This may be the case of people who suffer from social exclusion or have serious economical issues.

Next year we will work with more schools in order to make more children participants of this precious and big project. Apart from that, we will take more volunteers and more mentors in relation to the URV students.

jenny and saida

Mentor and mentoree, Jenni and Saida

Next newsletter we have suggested Stavanger (April) to contribute,
in June we would like Kristianstad to contribute and in
July: Agder
September: Telemark
Nov/Dec: Bodö



A new research paper by Karen Zilberstein might interest you is now up on the website here; it is about closure, “Breaking bad” which has received some attention. In this paper she bring the attachment theory perspective to bear on youth mentoring relationship closures and consider how the rich empirical and theoretical literature on attachment can inform mentoring programme practice and possibly help prevent premature and poorly handled mentoring relationship endings. Maybe this can be a help to promote positive closure when relationships come to an end.

 newsletter feb 2015 5  newsletter feb 2015 4

The Iceland Conference

Is planned in March 2016, Halldóra and Björk hope the University of Reykjavik will host the Conference. More information will come in the next newsletter.