Summer Newsletter

2019 06 26

Dear Nightingale friends,

Another semester is going to its end which means that 1000 mentors and 1000 children in our network have had the possibility to meet, learn and have fun together.
To meet people over different boarders and create good relations is even more important now than ever when populism, alternative facts, xenophobia, islamophobia, antisemitism and intolerance are spreading and people tend to build mental walls between themselves & others.
Diversity is all about all of us, and how we walk through this world together.

Each of us can make a difference but together we can make a change!

For students it is also an opportunity to meet others – different from themselves, as individuals and not as spoke person for particular religious- or ethnic groups. And I am convinced that meetings can change attitudes quicker than information ever can.  We all know when bonds of friendship are sealed prejudices often fall away.

Nightingale-mentoring is also the answer to EU strategy plan 2020
How to address early intervention to avoid that people fall into poverty remain trapped in ever more difficult and problematic socio-economic situations.

Nightingale is exactly that early intervention tool, aiming to prevent problematic socio-economic situations. Cause significant for many Nightingale children is that they lives in the suburb, were it is a higher unemployment, lower income (than average) and not seldom children have fewer adults with high education around them, and some of them live in a risk zone too. So ….I say invest  in these children ….

And I want to use one quotation from Paulo Freire who once said:
“The mentor task is a liberating task. It is not to impress upon or transfer own goal to the mentee. The mentor must instead make sure that mentee get ownership of his or her own history. In my opinion, it is the ethical obligation to support mentees’ perfect autonomy, freedom and opportunities to develop“.

News from our partners

first a little reminder, those who had not sent us your Annual Report, please do it so we can compile it! It is a simple document to fill in, which is much easier to fill in. Load it down here .
We wish partners could fill in that document every year when the Nightingale year has ended. Then we will compile it and you can get the result in the autumn, when you start a new year. Ok?

The Network meeting next year will be held in Malmö, Sweden the 24-25th of February 2020, where we also will celebrate the Network 10th anniversary! Come and join us!
As decided in Bodö we will not have any Conference this year, that means we will now try a new concept to meet every second instead.

The board have decided to change the date for the membership in the Nightingale Network
The Nightingale fee will be paid at latest the 1 of September and applies from 1 of September – 31 of August.

Save the date the 24-25th of February 2010

Nightingale Linz 13th year party

The 18th of June Linz celebrated its 13th anniversary with a gathering and party with Nightingale staff, children and parents, former mentors and children, University staff, sponsors and school staff as well others invited! ( So for example as you can see Sigi, who once worked with Karl when it started. 
 It was a fantastic day with lot of different speech, dancing, singing, eating and laughing- and a warm feeling inside! 



There were also an interview made by Dorf tv-program, before the party.
You can see the interview here.

A Newspaper loaded with articles about “only” Nightingale have been written by different persons working or sponsoring The Nightingale. This Newspaper have been distributed to more than 800 schools. You can load down the Newspaper  here:  ph_nightingale-2   ( in German).
The article wrote by Carina is however in English, if you would like to read only this article,  please click here: Carinas article

Austria, Wienna, Graz and Salzburg
We are working in the same way continuously and successfully throughout the year since 2010, without many changes in the concept, “your concept”. Since 2014 Nightingale has he same size (appr. 150 pairs per year, in Vienna, Graz and Salzburg) …  So far more than 1000 children and students benefitted from the programme. This time, in May 2019, around 120 couples are active, 40 started in April, 80 finish in June.  
A good news is, for 2019 we are getting the funds like before and we can go on wokring until 2020 …
:-)Kind regards, Günther

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
we are happy to present a Master thesis (in English) by a Master student Helena Marten who has written about how coordinator/staff and teachers at participating school in Trondheim work to implement Nightingale in their own organisation.
Please load it down here

The Girona Rossinyols in Malmö

Our Rossinyols Jordi Feu, and Òscar Prieto-Flores and partners from Girona University are participating in the IMISCOE Annual Conference:
In the evening before the Conference they invited Carina for dinner in Malmö. 😀

Now, best friends, I hope everybody will have a good and relaxing vacation!
Best wishes to all of you!


March Newsletter 2019

2019 03 07

Dear Nightingale friends

Today it is the 8th of March, and I am thinking about the importance of education to develop our society. To let all children, also girls, have the opportunity of education is not ony an individual thing or an equality question it is a profit for the society. 

Malala has said: a child, a teacher, a book can change the world but I want to add also a mentor can make a difference. Don´t you agree? 

A new Nightingale coordinator in Malmö, let us introduce Miriam Ånskog.

My name is Miriam, and I grew up in a small village in the south of Sweden. I moved to Malmö to study IMER (International Migration and Ethnic Relations) in 2001. During my studies I decided to apply to become a mentor in “Näktergalen” and was happy to be admitted and matched with a child. I learned a lot, and valued the time spent with my mentee highly. I carried the experience close to my heart as I started to work. At first as a youth leader, and eventually in a preschool. About a year ago, when I was invited to a gathering for former mentors in Näktergalen, I was so happy to again be connected to this amazing organization. Shortly after the gathering I found out that a new coordinator was needed. My heart started to beat a little extra and I really hoped I would be the right person for the job. Luckily, some certain persons believed I was, which gave me the opportunity to be a part of the organization once again, and giving me the chance to continuously learn more about the impact of mentoring. I am looking forward to the future, and to meeting you someday under the wings of the Nightingale network! Best wishes, Miriam

Research about The Nightingale mentoring program in Malmö
Nightingale in Malmö are happy to share the news : we have got research money from Malmö University to let one of our associated Professor, senior lecturer at Malmö University do a research study about what mentors and mentees in “Näktergalen Malmö” remember of the relation together. He has already begun the interviews with former children and mentors from the beginning when we started 1997 up to now…we will let you know more when we have more results. But it is very interesting.
As mentioned many times research can strengthened our program so whenever you have time don’t forget to load down and read research articles on our webpage “Research& Development”. The latest article is focusing on the impact on the mentors and if there is any link between mentoring and civic activism.

The Nightingale Day the 24th of February
Since the 24th our Nightingale Day was on a Sunday maybe partners didn´t celebrate the Day.. however it is not to late! And as decided next Nightingale Day will be held in Malmö, the day we will have our network meeting but also celebrate the Networks 10th anniversary!
In Malmö we celebrated this Nightingale Day by letting children and mentors come together on a little fruit-party and at the same time work with the map and try to find out where all Nightingales are cituated and sing all around Europe. They also search for information about each city/countries…and they learned a lot. Actually they wanted to know more about you.
One question, as earlier discussed is to let our tandems become Pen Pals withe each other. What do you say about that? Can one Malmö pair be pan pals with another pair in one of our cities ? Couldn´t it be something?

Greeting from our Nightingale Partners, all around Europe.
I think everyone is aware of the GDPR which means we will have difficulties with uploading photos of children and mentors without any agreement.

Nightingale for adult refugees, in Östfold Norway 
Nightingale Linz
Nightingale Karlstad, Sweden
Navarra Nightingale mentors and future Physics students!!

Annual Report
Thank you for those who have sent us the Annual Report. As soon as we have got all we will compile them and give you the results.

Membership fee
As you already know the member fee for the Nightingale Network is from
1 of April to 31 of March which means you will soon get the Invoice, if you haven´t already got it.

Unfortunately S.O.S Racismo will not continue as member in our Network which also means they will not continue have the name project Ruisenor/Nightingale any longer.

New member Nightingale Karlstad
we want to say welcome to Petra Johansson, new coordinator in Nightingale Karlstad.

National Network Meeting in Kristianstad, Sweden
The Swedish Nightingales had a national meeting in Kristianstad with experience exchanged about:
*selection of children and mentors and matching
It was fruitful meeting and we discussed to continue but also deepen our understanding by reading more research in the area.
Malmö has also had two research meetings and discussed different research articles.
For those who requested the compiled results from different evaluations about mentoring. (Carina Sild Lönroth 2013)

December Newsletter 2018

2018 12 19

Dear Nightingale friends,

some of you might have noticed we have had some problems with our webpage, but  it is hopefully working now. However I would like you to please check if  everything is correct. Please check your namne, e-mail addresses  and also if the link is correct to your own homepage or to the University pages etc. I have noticed some of your pages are not updated.

The Nightingale manual (updated version) is now also uploaded. You will find it on our webpage. To be able to load it down you have to log in.  

Pair of the months

Bild på konferensdeltagarna Bodö

Since I haven´t received any mentor-mentee pair of the month I decided to let everyone  be pair of the month! You are all making a tremendous work and deserve all of you  to be the person of the month!
However I hope to get some “pair of the month” in January! 

Partner News


Hi, we are Marie Florence Moufack and Cecilie Ellefsen, and we are the new “Nightingalers” at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, in Trondheim, Norway. We both work as Assistant Professors at the Department of Social Work.

Marie Florence has educational background within social work and sociology, and she has previously worked as a child counsellor. Her research areas concern development of practice studies in social work education, immigration and integration issues in Norway, and child welfare in a minority perspective.

Cecilie Ellefsen has education background within social work, sociology and literary science. Before she started working at the university, she work within community based dementia care and drug rehabilitation. Her fields of interests include pedagogy, development of teaching methods within social work, drug rehabilitation and child welfare

We are both very excited about joining the Nightingale international mentoring program!

Nattergalen- Norway 

Unfortunately Hedvig from the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and family Affairs in Norway will not  continue  as the  manager of the “Nattergalen team” and as a member of the Network. Instead she will work with research and development  linked to  this organisation. However she want to say goodbye to all of you and send thousands of thank´s to  the Nightingales network for our cooperation over the years. 

We want to thank her for her commitment and wish her good luck and the best. 

Our new member will be Marianne
Warm welcome!

Näktergalen Halmstad 

In Nightingale Halmstad students meet refugees youth. 

It has meant a lot to  Rabi Tajik, Janagha Karimi och Sabereh Rezaei. Here on the library together with their mentor Sara Karlsson.

They have barbequed, made different things together and talked a lot. 
Rabi Tajik, Sabereh Rezaei, Sara Karlsson och Janagha Karimi 

You can read more about the Halmstad project here  ( in Swedish) 

On the page “Network documents & Information” there is a candidate paper uploaded from teachers students in Halmstad with the headline Teacher-empathy and mentoring. You can download it, but sorry …it is only

Nightingale Ghana 

I am happy to say we now have a new Nightingale project in Ghana. David, the project manager has sent us some photos from their Kick-Off event. 


We wish them good luck and look forward to hear more about the progress.


….. soon it is Christmas time and hopefully you will have some free days. 
To  relax but why not read all the interesting research done in our area “Mentoring”!!  😀
Or why not listen to a new NMRC ( National Mentoring Resource Center) podcast series on mentoring research Reflections on Research!  Ioffers interviews with leading researchers and scholars about their youth mentoring research and how practitioners can use that information to improve their work with volunteers and youth. 
First episode is a interview with David DuBois and Carla Herrera about their recent long-term follow-up with youth who were mentored in the 1990s to see how they are now doing as adults.  I really recommend it! Click here to listen. 
There is also  short film clip about mentoring on a Mentoring-website. Maybe something to use as a tool to describe the potential of mentoring or as a recruitment tool. Click here if you are interested. 

Wish you all a Happy Holiday and a the best for 2019!

Newsletter November 2018

2018 10 31

Dear Nightingales,

Unknown     f6518be6-a642-4f93-958c-8fba036c100d-original
BIGGEST thank to you all partners who participated in the Network meeting and our 8th Nightingale Conference in Bodö!
We had two really good and fruitful days together.

On the page: “Network Meetings” you can find some photos from the Network meeting but also some documents as:

* the PPT-presentation Malmö made
* The New Annual Report
* The Network Minutes
*Partners feed-back at the Network meeting.

In the folder: “2018 Bodö Conference”you will find:
* some photos from the Conference
* one PPT-presentations (Viggo Krügers)
*  feed-back from those who participated in the Conference.


We are happy to announce that Nightingale mentoring program now have a page on LinkedIn
It is still a draft and partner feed-back an ideas are very welcome. Would be nice if partners also could put this page as a link on their own LinkedIn presentation to spread the idea of our Nightingale Network.

Next Newsletter

At the Network meeting  we talked about partners sending photos of children and mentors as pairs of the month   – so please send some photos to Carina.

Partner News

Since Barcelona  made their two years as board members we would like to say the BIGGEST thank you!
But we will  also like to present them a little extra by an interview: Rossinyols from  Barcelona!

thumbnail_nightingale Barcelona

How and when did you start your Nightingale mentoring program?

A school in the district of Nou Barris in Barcelona knew the Nightingale project of the University of Girona and contacted the administrations to bring it to their school and neighborhood. The administration contacted us to carry out the project in the city of Barcelona.

During the 2010-2011 academic year we started with a pilot of 7 couples and 3 schools and institutes in the district of Nou Barris and Ciutat Vella, districts with a high migratory rate.

Since then, growth has been exponential for the good reception of the participating educational centers and the administrations. Currently, this year we will collaborate in 16 schools with 74 couples.

What inspired you to become involved in this field?

The nightingale project fits in Servei Solidari vision and values, and we have experience in projects supporting youth people.

Any special key aspects why you have succeed with?

Supporting always the volunteers, with a complete training about mentoring and also answering any doubt or situation that may appears in any moment of the process. Also give some freedom in the choice of activities to do with their couples.The good functioning of the project in recent editions has created stability and a consolidation of the project in the educational centers.

What did you learn from the mentors/mentees about their involvement?

The mentored people delicacy and respect. All the good practices and great ideas that they have in order to connect with the young people.By mentors, knowledge of different family realities, that young people are young, regardless of culture or origin.

What did they learn?

Knowing different environments, finding many common points starting at differences. Self-knowledge for both sides.Practices in the improvement of personal relationships and communicative skills.

What is the prime benefit and problems of the program?

According to two studies that carried out the latest editions of the project by Spora Sinergies Consulting: To the mentees§ The desire to learn is stimulated§ Strengthens your confidence and self esteem§ Linguistic competence is improved§ Approach is made to institutions such as the university and the real possibility of continuing higher education§ Interest in culture is also stimulated in the family environment To the mentors:§ New world visions are discovered and approaches to social problems§ Preparation to live in a multicultural society§ Communicative and relationship skills are encouraged

What is the prime benefit of cooperating in the Nightingale Network? 

Share studies, process designs, good practices and new ideas for improvement.Feeling of relevance in a common project much larger than Servei Solidari Nightingale Project.

Nightingale Ghana

Nighitingale 140Nighitingale 145Nighitingale 125
The 8th September, 2018, they had their  first training session at the Ashesi University in Ghana and the 21 st of October they had their Kick-Off start. We wish them good luck!


First Autumn Newsletter 2018

2018 09 12

Dear Nightingale friends,

it is approaching to our Network meeting and Conference in Bodö, the 10-12th of October.

I am happy to inform that two partner-cities in Spain are registered, two from Sweden, almost all partners from Norway and the  Nightingale´s from Switzerland will come. Only partners from Austria and Iceland could not.
We are looking forward a lot meeting you all.  Bodö says warm welcome to all of you!
Remember it is in the north of Norway – bring warm clothes!

Nattergalen_Mentoring Conference 2018

Now you can upload the Agenda for the network meeting HERE.

As you can see we will meet in the center of Bodö at the hotel: Scandic Havet,
Adress: Tollbugaten 5 ( Tullbo street 5)

We want to show our gratitude and thank Bufdir. Norway who paid for the room for the network meeting!

Partner News


We now have the possibility to take part in the second evaluation by Norway.  Norway evaluation (in Norwegian). NOVA Rapport 2/2018

Evaluering av Nattergalen – en oppfølgingsstudie
By: Jorunn T.Jessen, Tonje Gundersen and Kamila A. Hynek

Over the year (2012 -2017) totally 838 children and students have participated in the Nattergalen programme.
The results show positive learning effects on both children and mentors.
For example:

  • Four of 10 children (36 %) have developed their language ability and more than 52 % have developed their social abilities.
  • The questionnaires also show that participating in the program has increased the student’s knowledge and insights.
    By participating in the Nightingale program eight of ten said they have increased their communications skill and at the same time got better insight into children life and living condition.

New partner Switzerland

We are happy to announce and would like to welcome our new partner Tamina Kappeler,from University of Teacher Education in Zug, Switzerland.


My name is Tamina Kappeler, I’m 33 years old and have just taken over the project management of Nightingale at the University of Teacher Education in Zug. I myself grew up as a third culture kid, moving between cultures within my family and moving to different countries during my childhood and youth. These experiences are probably what drew me to participate in a similar mentoring program during my studies, so I’m really excited to be part of the Nightingale Network in this new role supporting the students and children. I just moved back to Switzerland after working in Bolivia for three years and am currently employed at the Institute for International Cooperation in Education.

Nightingale Linz

Karl Wegenschimmel send greetings to us from the Nightingale in Linz who’s project is steadily increasing. They even got an email from a student who is registered to another  university ( the second University of Education in Linz)  who wrote that he had heard about the Nightingale and  was very interested in becoming a mentor. This can be an opener for many more students, Karl added.

Karls  also wrote that Margit Severa and he ( Karl) will take part in the CARN (Collaborative Action Research Network) conference held in Manchester from 25th to 27th of October. They will present their Nightingale research results regarding this topic “Daring and Doing”. We are looking forward hearing more about this.
Unfortunately they could not come to Bodö…but we wish them good luck!

Pair of the month

it would be nice if partners can send me, Carina, some photos and maybe a quotation or text from one mentor and child in your program, so we can load up different pairs in our network/ Nightingales. That means showing our Nightingale all around the world!
To begin I would like you to meet one pair in Nightingale LSS (a new pilot student where students meet seniors with some disabilities).

Christer Paulina _3472 kopia

This pair have met since March and will continue to do so until December.
We have done so many nice things together, me and my student, some of them for the first time. For example we have been at the theater and when I told my friends at my accommodation they were really jealousy not having a student to meet like me.

See you in Bodö!


Summer Newsletter

2018 06 27

Dear Nightingal friends,
as you can read in this (but also in other) Nightingale newsletter partners get prizes, make research, delivers lectures etc. but most of you let people that otherwise would not met  meet. Meetings were you talk WITH other instead of ABOUT each other.
Meetings were  mutual learning take place and were you get access to each others life and living  and thinking.

For almost 21 years I have been working with the Nightingale mentoring program in Malmö. But I have also been working with you, some of you for more than 10 years and I am very happy  and proud to have you as partners.

Today schools have to face many challenges but some of these challenges they cannot solve themselves …they need cooperating partners  – Nightingale can be one – supporting children in their own development. 

Also our Universities have challenges to tackle in future society and these challenges need students who have got insight, understand, can reflect and analyze structures in our society.
As Freire once put it:

The fundamental task of the mentor is a libratory task. It is not to encourage the mentor’s goals and aspirations and dreams to be reproduced in the mentees (…) but to give rise to the possibility that the mentee become the owners of their own history. This is how I understand (…) the ethical posture of a mentor who truly believes in the total autonomy, freedom, and development of those he or she mentors


Partner news

Congratulations to Nightingale Linz who was awarded a prize for integration
of the town of Linz in May 2018  

Foto Preisverleihung
In the town hall. From left: Then town councilor of integration affairs,
two Nightingale colleagues, Karl, and the town councilor of cultural affairs

“We are very proud of that and see it as an appreciation for our mentor students and their brilliant job they were/are doing.
The project is steadily  increasing. This year we were having about 30 tandems including students from Primary and Secondary Education.
Due to evaluations we see that all persons envolved like to join the project and find it extremely enriching in many pedagogical and educational aspects.”

Letter from Nightingale Switzerland

Our partner in Zug, Switzerland, Mireille will not be working at the Office of IZB and Nightingale Zug any longer but has written:

“Working for Nightingale has always been an extremely impactful experience for me. Our students have learnt a lot about their professional skills in regards of being a teacher in the future. It was very touching for me to see the positive effect of Nightingale on the kids but also on the parents. This year, all the parents were invited to our party at the end of Nightingale 17/18. Some of them told me how much their child has learnt during the course of this program. Especially one boy who was too shy to speak German one year ago, is now so much more confident and he started to enjoy using his newly learnt language. What else could we ask for…?
I wish you all the best in the hope that Nightingale can fly further on for many more years to come.

All my best regards to you and to Nightingale Network international.”

At the same time we want to welcome our new partner 
Tamina Kappeler who will take over the program.

Some summer photos from Projecte Rossinyol


Nightingale Vienna

Gunther-150x150     image2-150x150
will be held in Vienna the 24 – 26 September 2018
Our Nightingale partner Günther Leeb from Nightingale Vienna/Kinderfrunde, will deliver a lecture together with Daniela Gruber-Pruner
Read more here

Ruiseñor Project


Friday, the 1st of June , we celebrated the ending of the course 2017/2018 of our Urretxindorra/Ruiseñor Project.
It was a successful and emotional event where children, students, parents, teachers, members of Institutions, musicians took part with the aim of celebrating the last course and a project that, year after year, connects more and more migrant children and their families with students contributing to their mutual personal and social wellness. See more

New research

A new Interesting research about component of the quality of relationships in mentoring. “A typology of school-based mentoring relationship quality: Implications for recruiting and retaining volunteer mentors”.

Click here and read more about it, or go to the website “Research and development” were you can find more research and articles.


Now I wish you all a nice summer and relaxing vacation, Looking forward meeting you all again in Bodö!

Don’t forget to register to our 8th Nightingale Conference.
The network meeting will be held the 10th of October at 4 o’clock.



The 8th Nightingale Conference in Bodö, Norway

2018 04 26

Save the date the 11-12th of October.

Welcome to the 8th Nightingale Conference in Bodö with the theme “Belonging”

Please read more about it here

Also welcome to the Nightingale Network meeting the 10th of October at 4 o´clock!



2018 03 28

The Nightingale Day the 24th of February was celebrated by:

Trondheim, Norway


In cooperation with the student organization BARIS, the Nightingale of Trondheim arranged a day for the mentor kids and the mentors to be out sliding and playing in the snow. BARIS brought sausages that we barbequed and ate together. The kids seemed to enjoy the day, and so did the mentors. It was a day filled with laughter, sun and a lot of fun in the snow.

Malmö, Sweden









Who celebrated the day by having an “Opening-event” with children and mentors.  But at the same time take the opportunity to  formalize and celebrate the new status of Malmö UNIVERSITY!

Do you have done anything you want to share with partners? Please let us know!

The 8th Nightingale Conference will be the 11th-12th of October, in Bodö, Norway.

The theme is  “Belonging and Identity” and the Conference will open with Lars Magne Andreassen, Head of the  Arran Sami center. He will talk about Identity.
To mention something more at the Conference program there will be a music therapist Viggo Krüger who is connecting his music to UN child´s declaration and  children’s right. And there will be different activities for the participants.
In the end of April the program will be scheduled.

The network meeting will be held  the 10th at 4 o´clock + in the morning the 11th .

Nattergalen_Mentoring Conference 2018

Partner News

“Nattergalen”Nightingale Norway is celebrating it´s 10th anniversary. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Here an article  from Nattergalen Fredrikstad (only  in Norwegian)

Trondheim, Norway








We have an internship student, working with us in the Nightingalle this year. She has written about her experiences, please read more here ( in Norvegian)

She is also going to do her Masterthesis about Nattergalen. We are looking forward to read it when published. /Anne


The Swedish National network meeting,  in Malmö







Näktergalen Kristianstad, Halmstad and Sweden’s newest Nightingale partner, Karlstad, were invited to exchange experiences.

From now on, Sweden’s National Network Meetings will work systematically with
the Nightingale´s annual wheel. We had workshops about recruitment of students and adepts.
Carina lectured about research on student recruitment.
Some of the successful concepts that were presented:

– teambuildingactivity for the mentors before the Kick-off day

– letting children/adepts recruit students

– put flyers on the toilets at the university

– attaching quotes from mentors and adepts to the student´s confirmation-email for the interview-appointment.

After the meeting, requests from the participants were made for two networking meetings a year in the Swedish network, in stead of annually.
Go networking! /Lísa Ivarsdóttir

SOS Racismo’s Urretxindorra Project

mensaje_producto7595_1090_0  mensaje_producto7844_1101We started in October 2017 with 30 couples coming from three different villages (Donostia, Hernani and Renteria) of Gipuzkoa (Basque Country).

The project is going on successfully and mentors and mentees are learning a lot from the relationships they are setting up.
Until now mentors have received four workshops, in concrete Challenges of Mentoring; Emotional Intelligence; Gender and Sexuality; Young people and ICTs. Before the end of this school year we will propose them the last workshop about grief, in order to prepare in the best way the separation between mentors and mentees.

Interview Nightingale manger Fredrika Braw, Kristianstad, Sweden

We started up late in October with a new group. A group of 23 pairs with students from seven different kinds of education programs. Since three years, we have our kick off at the Kristianstad Regional Museum where the mentees family are all welcome to join. The museum is situated in the center of Kristianstad, and houses a very children friendly exhibition, with miniature historical houses and a lot of exciting staff to talk about with the new friend. It’s like jump starting the whole program. Also, the museum is a place that few or none of the Nightingale families have visited, and to let them know that it’s for free is really something. I think it´s a wonderful beginning and the first door to be opened to a richer life for both the mentor and the mentee.

fredrika foto mars 18

I work at the department of External Relations at Kristianstad University, and my background is in the fields of organization and leadership. Because of my former career as a HR manager, this was all in my interest and I did not have to think twice before accepting working with the Nightingale program.

The Nightingale has been available at the Kristianstad University since 2005 and was started by Carina herself.

I was the manager for almost four years.

What really inspires me is all the good that’s in the program, the happiness and joy to share some time together with someone you do not know. And what unexpected things that occur when you meet someone, maybe from a different side of town or even from a different culture that you thought you knew all about, AND YOU DID NOT.  I have seen a lot of prejudice blown away. That`s what I have learned and that’s what´s inspiring me to go on doing this.

My vision is that the knowledge of The Nightingale program would become a natural part of every student’s life. Like a personal development thing to do and that we can contribute on much broader basis in Kristianstad, not only for the kids at age 9-11 maybe be able to get involved with older people and maybe newly arrived family’s.

I think that the prime benefit is that we open doors for children, we give them self-esteem and knowledge of that the higher education and school belongs to everyone. We also give the mentor a sense of worth and training in responsibility, leadership and cultural challenges. Challenges that come along when you don`t speak a natural or common language and how innovative you get then!

Every year we have great challenges to recruit mentors. One of our obstacles is that a high rate of the students commute to the university. And we have trouble to engage students out of their educational programs. This year we managed to start a group of 23 pairs with students from seven different kinds of education programs.

If you cooperate with the Nightingale mentoring program you know that the time invested in the child costs you nothing but the difference you make is priceless.

Time to pay the Network fee.
You will soon receive an Invoice for a new network membership from 1 of April 2018- 30 of  March 2019.

Wish you all a Happy Easter!


The 8th Nightingale Mentoring Conference

2018 03 21

Nattergalen_Mentoring Conference 2018

February 2018

2018 01 31

Dear Nightingale friends, new year, new semester…best wishes to all of you!

The Nightingale Day the 24th of February is approaching…


We hope you all will celebrate our International  Nightingale Day, as usual!
Please send photos or other from your celebration things you would like o share with others on our webpage.
Here is is a PDF-file uploaded on the website you can use on your webpages or as a poster.

Greetings from partner

Nightingale Switzerland

We have started very well with our new group of Nightingale-pairs. 10 students and 10 children are on their way exploring new things. Best wishes for coming winter season! Mireille, Nightingale Switzerland.

Nightingale Kristianstad and Nightingale Malmö
26907674_889223307918697_1775322752507744543_n   27073399_889222791252082_1468449283874315464_n
A day for the University and municipality in Kristianstad to be able know more about the benefits, the research and the implementation of the Nightingale local, national and international.

New network fee 2018-19

We hope you agree the network provides several benefits to the members, above all it will provide a forum for discussions, and exchange of experiences within the area of mentoring in general and issues specific to the Nightingale concept. The network will facilitate cooperation between the participants which will improve the general quality of the Nightingale concept.
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Youth mentoring is rapidly expanding across Europe: here´s one reason

By Jean Rhodes, Òscar Prieto-Flores, & Justin Preston

The U.S. continues to account for the largest proportion of mentoring interventions in the world, but many new programs and networks have begun to emerge in Europe and have experienced significant population growths due to immigration. For example, the percentage of foreign-born population has especially increased in many countries in the 2005-2015 period reaching 18% in Sweden and Austria, 16% in Norway and Germany, 13% in Belgium and 12% in Spain and the Netherlands (EUROSTAT, 2017). This influx of immigrants and refugees has spurred a range of reactions in European citizenry and policy, including both panic and compassion

In the forthcoming cross-continental comparison, Jean, Oscar and Justin found that almost half of mentoring programs in the U.S. were established between 1989-1999, whereas, on the European side, growth was in step with immigration and refugee arrivals and have often been implemented in response to the challenges of poverty and inequality and as a means of preventing problem behaviors and outcomes.
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You will always find new research uploaded on the page “Research & Development”. This month  an article is uploaded about: “Mentoring At-Risk Youth: an Examination of Strain and Mentor Response Strategies”.